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The Parliament Square ‘Statue’ Rally London reveals that the British Public are still prepared to fight for their country. 

 Provocative Police Tactics and Double Standards angers a largely peaceful crowd vilified by the mainstream press.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

Submitted by M. A. Richardson…

“You will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honour.” – Aristotle

Instead of protecting the public and our institutions, they chose to side with the mob.  Instead of apologising to the British public for allowing a divisive, anarchic group to infiltrate the streets and sow division where there was none, the government panders to it, growing weaker every day. This government has lost middle England, and rightly so. They will never be forgiven for having handed over the country to a cult. To a narcissistic Facebook generation who don’t demand, but take, by force if necessary. Who don’t debate, because they are incapable. This weak government are leading us into a dystopian totalitarian era, where even thought is censored.

The cultural Marxist BLM along with Antifa, are attempting to drive a wedge between the police and the British public, and the government are their ‘useful idiots’.  Their intention is to delegitimise and demean the police force by rendering them ineffective. Incitement, criminal damage on a grand scale, race-baiting, bullying and serious assault, and despite much of this being on camera, no action has been taken against them. Their next move will be to demand of the government defunding of the police, just as in the US.  New York’s crime commissioner today announced he will be disbanding all plain-clothes police officers.

They are using Mao’s Cultural Revolution as their playbook If they want something they take it. If you won’t give it to them, they will destroy it, and then they will come for you. This is an ideologically driven cult. They are here to dismantle our institutions and wipe out our history. If only the British government would wake up and denounce them for what they are.

If Macron can say ‘no’ to the removal of statues and the erasing of French history, why can’t Boris?

Central London, Saturday afternoon.  In the three hours spent in and around Parliament Square at the heart of Westminster, the centre of the ‘Rally for the Statues’, the supposed eye of the storm, not one punch was pulled, not one argument heard.

Headlines read, ‘Far-right thugs to invade London.’  We were all in danger, stay away.  When someone tells you to look away, that is precisely the moment you need to walk into the room and find out what is really going on.  BLM called off their rally on Saturday. Instead, they held yet another on Friday, controlling the news stream and sucking the air out of the room. They filled the vacuum on the streets created by the pandemic. They have been waiting for such an opportunity. Why has no one been prosecuted for their crimes?

On Saturday, they were still on the streets, a core of agitators and Antifa activists brought into London to disrupt the Statue Rally on its fringes.  The police presence was huge.  Many making their way to Parliament Square were held at barriers on the periphery of the area. This meant they had nowhere to have their say, so they did it at the barricades and road blocks away from the Square, furious at being denied entry. These were the flash points.

Confrontation was inevitable, as the rallyists squared off against the police with whom they already had a genuine grievance.  It just added to the frustration. They wanted to know why the police had run from the BLM. They wanted to know why the riot police were not called.  They wanted to know why public property and memorials had been defaced and vandalised without prosecution of the perpetrators. These people have a right to be heard, they are the same questions asked by the British public every day. The government is not listening.

BLM are coming for you. If you disagree with them you will probably lose your job, this may already have happened.  Certainly your language has been censored. If you don’t stand up to them they will take over. To a large extent they already have, they are framing the narrative, they are circling and controlling the government.

Those attending the rally were not there to destroy and deface public property as BLM and Antifa had been the week before. They were there to protect statues, yet they were being treated like the criminals. The hypocrisy was caught on film for all to see. The feeling of betrayal is visceral and the temperature is rising.  They were rightly angry, they wanted answers of a government who have been largely silent and complicit and let BLM dictate policy.

Considering the provocation, the crowds showed remarkable restraint. The BBC circled like vultures.  If you silence and marginalise an entire nation, the anger does not go away, it simmers underneath within the heart of middle England. The press coverage was biased and vicious. The virtue signalling knee-jerk reactions of commentators and the government, predictable.

BLM, a heavily funded revolutionary movement, were allowed to run riot through the streets of London and many other cities across the UK, defacing monuments, bullying and injuring the police and intimidating the general public without being subject to the laws of the land.  One rule for them, another for the rest of the population.  The Government bends and bows to their demands, whilst dividing the public and keeping them off the streets. This is exactly the aim of these anarchistic activists, it is straight out of the playbook of the Maoist Cultural Revolution. The public are afraid to speak against the mob, because they know the police will not protect them.  If you voice opposition, you will be vilified.  You will be called a racist.

The pandemic has been the perfect foil with which to keep any counter demonstrations off the streets. What is astonishing is the naivety of the government.

The lockdown was used as leverage to take over the streets, mirroring the US. The aim is to divide and rule. This power-hungry cult are using the lockdown to recruit narcissistic, vulnerable and naive kids, and the government are letting them do it.  Many have already been indoctrinated.  They are anarchistic ideological bullies, and their agenda is regime change and revolution.

If this organisation is not shut down, we will soon be living in a totalitarian state. Stratagise that Dominic Cummings.


They came to stand up for their heritage, to voice their opposition to the defacing and removal of the history and culture of a nation, only to find that most were prevented from getting anywhere near the event.

Some were kettled in between police blockades in neighbouring streets, many did not get a glimpse of either the Cenotaph or Parliament Square. It was a shameful display of policing double standards and press propaganda. Police preened and pumped their way around the area in huge numbers, standing shoulder to shoulder down half deserted streets. It seemed totally disproportionate to any perceived threat.

After being stopped at the checkpoint on Whitehall, I made my way to the Embankment entrance as instructed, despite the police warning not to go into Parliament Square because it was “kicking off”.

I walked through into the Square unchallenged, it was barely a third full. There was no rioting. Once inside, the atmosphere lightened, as if a safety valve had been released. People were chatting on the green, others were on the road, deep in conversation with police and officials, patting the police horses. i nearly tripped over a member of the public clearing rubbish into bin bags.  Was there a refreshment tent I wondered? No, but Tesco was open.

For the first time in months people could actually talk to each other face to face. They had reached their destination, a trial in itself, and now they wanted to discuss why they were there.  You could see the constraints of the lockdown lifting.  A Press Association photographer slumped against a statue, looking dejected, I asked him what was happening, he shrugged, his face mask falling off one ear.

The atmosphere and backdrop was more akin to a garden party than a demonstration. There were many army veterans and civilians both young and old. People gathered around Churchill’s boarded-up statue, photocopied portraits of his face had been taped to the outside of the grey box, it was amusing, touching and sad. How had it come to this?

The talking points revolved around the same questions that are being asked in homes all over the UK. Why were the government and the police not protecting the public, and why didn’t the police stand up to BLM? How could they be allowed to deface statues without being stopped. Why did some police kneel and others run away? People were angry, upset and incredulous.  A veteran told me:

“ I never thought I would see this in my own country”. 

I could only agree. I felt it too.  It was a betrayal of the British people by police and a lack of leadership at the very top of government. This was a betrayal of all those that had fought and died for our freedom over the generations, of the sacrifices they had made for a better future for their children. This betrayal was manifest in the buildings of government behind us, Westminster, out of touch with the British people, impotent, devoid of moral compass, weak and cowardly.  The boarding up of Churchill’s statue was all the evidence that was needed.

People have lost trust in their own police force and the ability of the government to keep the streets safe for their citizens, That such symbols of history as the statues, monuments and war memorials were now somehow considered secondary and expendable to a baying mob, seemed impossible a few weeks ago.

However much the government want to ignore it, the British people are both psychologically and physically connected to their past, they share a history, a culture, going back generations over hundreds of years. Destroy that legacy and you destroy the nation. The public have been dealt a huge blow by the very people that should protect them, it is deliberate, calculated, planned. It is a blade to the heart.

Just before 2pm a regiment of ex-paras marched through Horseguards entrance and into the square over to the Churchill statue. The crowd cheered them on, and then sang ‘Rule Britannia’ and God save the Queen’. Things settled down again, everyone was deep in conversation, energised.

I looked over towards Big Ben. Hundreds of riot police were marching along the pavement to the Embankment. I went over to see what was happening and realised that all the exits were blocked.  Then more riot police with shields and batons, followed. At Abingdon St exit, the police vans stretched back as far as the eye could see, snaking into the distance. Had I missed something? Was this the equivalent of last orders? Was it time to leave the party? It was only 2.15. It seemed bizarre since the Square was so quiet, but clearly something had changed, we were surrounded by police on all sides. There were more police than protestors. I walked back to the crowd and asked one of the many army veterans what was going on and was everything all right? He said,

“It’s fine, half the people here are ex-paras and most of the police that guard Parliament Square are ex-paras, they’re not going to attack their own”.  I had never felt safer, perhaps I could take up residence.

A man in his late 50s and two of his friends were upset because the police would not let him out, he said.

“I want to go, looks like something is going to kick off”. 

I didn’t feel worried, it seemed like the safest place in the UK. Before I left, I wanted to ask the question, the elephant in the room, why had they run? I found a police supervisor who had been at the BLM demonstration the week before.

He told me that the demonstrators had surged at them in huge numbers. They were throwing plastic bottles filled with concrete, and rocks, they were completely outnumbered with no back-up from riot police.  “You try it” he remarked.  This begged the question.  Why were there were no riot police?  We seemed to have an excess at this rally. There was only one conclusion, the orders had come from the top. Those responsible for that betrayal of both police and public were Cressida Dick and her handler Sadiq Khan.

At that BLM demonstration, 27 police were injured, one seriously, the Churchill monument was defaced, as were many others. In Bristol, the fanatical BLM activists pulled down the Colston Statue and stamped on as if it were alive, one even knelt on its neck, they tied a rope round it dumped it in the canal like a dead body.  Police officers stood by and did nothing.  They did not protect the public or public property, they enabled the rioters.  The British public no longer believe the government are on their side.

I headed for the heavily fortified exit at Horseguards and spoke to a supervisor and asked if I could go. I told him people were trying to get out. I pointed out that the police supervisors at Abingdon exit were unaware that they were the exit, and the supervisors at all the other exits were unaware that the Abingdon exit did not know this… we were in Donald Rumsfeld ‘Known Unknowns territory.’ It was pure farce. He radioed over,  then turned to me.

“I am under instructions not to let any demonstrators out.”

He stepped aside and other officers let me through the cordon.  I thanked him and asked why  he had let me out? he said’.

“I don’t know if you are a demonstrator or a member of the public, you have been polite and didn’t call me a fat bastard, only my family are allowed to do that, so I am going to let you out.” 

What a relief, the great British sense of humour was still intact, it was a moment.

There was a secondary police block at the end of the road, they let me though out onto Horseguards, without question  I walked alongside St James’s Park heading for Piccadilly.

There were flamingos on the lake, geese padding about on the pavement, ducks pecking at the grass, people sunbathing, the light glinting off the surface of the water…people seemingly oblivious to the rally.  I linked up with a couple of ex-servicemen halfway down Horseguards and we made our way to Haymarket. One explained that his friend had a head injury from some years ago and he wanted to make sure he got him home.  We heard something like an American football prematch chant up ahead, it was riot police, they bellowed and puffed as if going into battle. They looked terribly small, like toy soldiers. Was there a new maximum height requirement for the police? On the outer perimeter Antifa activists looked on.

To my left a group of men appeared from nowhere and scattered into the park leaping over the hardy perennials. We walked up the steps to Haymarket as around 50 riot police moved down Horseguards.

I asked my new companions what was going on.

“it’s fine, it’s just a game to them really”. These ex-paras really are very reassuring. I’m not sure anything would faze them.

As the train pulled out of Charing Cross I checked the news headlines on my phone. They all said the same thing. “Violent right-wing thugs”. Priti Patel and Boris Johnson had already tweeted condemnation, there was no place for ‘far-right racist thuggery in British society’. The narrative had already been hijacked by mainstream media.

The train was quite empty.  At Waterloo, two gentleman in their 70’s got into the carriage. I asked if they had got into the rally at Parliament Square.  Yes, they hadn’t seen a punch thrown either.  I asked if they had read the headlines.  They shrugged,

“Yes, we’re used to it, we are lifelong Millwall supporters. The press have been doing this to us ever since I can remember”.

“Did you see people going round the Square with bin bags collecting rubbish? They won’t write about that”. said the other.

He was right, it did not fit the narrative, the media had already written tomorrow’s headlines before the rally had begun.  I shuddered, everything was confirmed. The fix was in.

Even Douglas Murray fell into line writing in the Mail on Sunday. “a rabble of overweight, tattooed thugs hurled insults”… Perhaps he should have got up early and taken a look for himself,  instead of taking his cue from the mainstream media he so despises.  Many seem to be falling into this trap and instead of saying what they think, they skirt around an issue before getting to their main point, just because they are worried about not having virtue signalled enough. It is exhausting.

It is not surprising that some anger did bubble over at police cordons with such a heavy-handed approach by authorities. Where was the condemnation in the press and government of the violence and destruction that took place in the BLM demonstration the week before? People were  angry at the hypocrisy, especially since many of those being turned away at road blocks were decorated veterans. I was angry for them.

Most people had come to the rally not to cause trouble, but to show they still cared about their country enough to protect their heritage and honour their war dead.  How sad that after three months of effective house arrest, the public were once again told to shut up and go home.  Perhaps some had come to cause trouble, but I did not witness that in the time I was within Parliament Square or in the area,

Thank goodness the ex-military seemed philosophical about events. It had been a privilege to be in their company.

The British people need another leader, someone prepared to fight for them and let them fight back. The Speaker has called for a review of statues and paintings at Westminster, why?  As anger rises in the country that any of our national heritage should be under review, the government carry on erasing and censoring our past.  How much longer can they pander to this cult? What was clear from this rally was that many people are not prepared to go quietly into the night. Cressida Dick should be removed, and fast.

“We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender” – Winston Churchill


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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June 17, 2020

Very interesting and informative article. The UK has a government of occupation and they take their orders from above. It is evident to most of us that the covid circus and these protests are orchestrated by the cabal, or if it isn’t it should be. As people started to realise that there weren’t heaps of dead bodies everywhere, that they had been imprisoned at home for nothing, the cabal had to do something else to keep its grip on that part of the population that seems slavishly to follow the propaganda spouted by the MSM.   The police haven’t been… Read more »

Tom Welsh
Tom Welsh
June 17, 2020

“Cressida Dick should be removed, and fast”.
Along with the entire government, all organized political parties, the most senior civil servants, and the owners and editors of the main media outlets.
Then perhaps we can get back to being a more or less free country.

Tom Welsh
Tom Welsh
Reply to  Tom Welsh
June 17, 2020

Oh, and Neil Ferguson.

June 17, 2020

Its not just the government that should shoulder the blame, but that same middle England that allowed this system of government to be built. Votes from the majority have been divided between the two major parties so in any tight situation either party then has to chase the fringe dweller vote and thus we have the current situation. Instead of governing for the vast majority they disguise their desire to sit on the government benches in parliament at any cost by pandering to these lunatics then selling it to the rest as inclusiveness so no one is left behind “we are… Read more »

janet merryweather
janet merryweather
June 17, 2020

nothing about the stabbings then?
there was criminality here where highly trained groups merged with ordinary people to cause mayhem whilst the police watched and video’d it all

Robert Tyrrell
Robert Tyrrell
June 17, 2020

Not much hope in london when a Muslim Pakistani is mayor and he wants to dismantle the city to fit his image. It is a sad state when Macron is a stand out for common sense. Sorry to say there will be gunfire ….great article.

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