The liberal left has succeeded in turning Americans against Islam

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Prior to 9/11, most Americans thought and cared little about the Islamic world. Prior to the scandal of Iran issuing a fatwa on the London based author Salman Rushdie in 1989, that number was even less.

But when the twin towers of the World Trade Center came crashing down, that all changed. America had a new enemy, but the problem was that at first, most Americans were not sure who that enemy was.

Shortly after 9/11, the mainstream media told the public that the enemy were Muslims and shortly thereafter, that metamorphosed into all of Islam.

Suddenly, conservative radio hosts who had built their careers on moaning about what came out of of Monica Lewinsky’s mouth, were suddenly curious about the texts of the Holy Koran…except that they weren’t. They had all ready made up their minds that the Koran was more or less a Wahhabi text that read something like a Saudi funded al-Qaeda propaganda video.

As morose as this sounds, it is objectively understandable. America for all its wealth is not a particularly worldly country, just as many vast nations have historically not been, especially prior to the age of compulsory education and mass communication. People in America were upset and frightened after 9/11, they had every right to be.

But then the devious sectarian liberal left stepped in and any chance for a non-biased discussion about Islam became impossible in America.

The sectarian left realised that defending Islam, as defined by the uneducated sectors of the American right, could make them money and give them air time. A liberal talk radio station, Air America was launched on the basis of opposing Bush and the newly anti-Islamic Rush Limbaughs of the world. Suddenly the ‘Islmophobia industry’ was born and like good Hollywood capitalists the American left rushed to get a piece of the pie.

Rather than actually bothering to learn about the vast, diverse and manifold Islamic world, they simply accepted the right-wing talk radio definition of Islam as barbaric and terroristic.

What did they then do? They embraced Wahhabism as the legitimate voice of Islam saying that the west should come to ‘understand’ it. They said that accepting Wahhabism is accepting ‘diversity’, even though the  majority of Muslims and Arab Christians hate Wahhabism because it is the least diverse and least accepting form of pseudo-Islamic apostasy that they’ve ever come across.

If America had a liberal left with a real conscience let alone a real collective brain, they would have, should have and could have understood that secular Islamic majority societies hate the same things most Americans hate (jihadism, terrorism, Wahhabism) and more importantly, they love the same things most ordinary Americans love (family, relaxation, trips to the beach, meals with friends, piety and patriotism).

Instead, American liberals did the Saudis and their deep state allies a service, by become their slick, polished, refined apologists. By refusing the shine a light on how Islam is practised in moderate, progressive, modern societies like Syria, Iraq, pre-war Libya, Egypt, Russia, Lebanon and Palestine, they focused instead on Wahhabism and how all of its accoutrements from the regressive female face covering to a prohibition on what most in America understand as ‘free speech’, were really just expressions of  a ‘rich and diverse culture’. US liberals said and continue to say that Wahhabism is the oppressed voice of Islam, one oppressed by people like Rush Limbaugh and more recently by Paul Joseph Watson. In reality, Wahhabism is a global oppressor whose leaders couldn’t care less about what Rush Limbaugh or anyone else in conservative or ‘alt-right’ media has ever said.

The first victims of American liberal apologists for Wahhabism are the women of countries like Syria who are often more educated, more multi-lingual, more worldly, more beautiful and more pious than the ultra-liberal women of San Francisco and New York.

Their next collective class of victims are an American public who now hate Islam, less  because of what the post-9/11 right said, but more because of how the liberals turned pseudo-Muslims into the ‘real deal’, in the eyes of America. They legitimised something as ‘real Islam’ that most Muslims believe is an aberration and a vile one at that.

Now when Donald Trump’s alt-right supporters see him in Saudi Arabia, they are criticising him from ‘being nice’ to ISLAM, where they should criticising him for ‘being nice’ to a terrorist supporting Saudi regime.

In turning oppressors into victims, real, honest, moderate, secular Muslims who are the vast majority of the world’s Muslims, are once again left without a voice in the land of the free. But this shouldn’t surprise anyone in an America and wider west where self professed ‘left wing Zionists’ have become apologists for the illegal actions of the Israeli regime by implying that Tel Aviv represents the Old Testament, just as they say that Riyadh represents the Koran. The truth couldn’t be further from this twist of propaganda.

When it comes to manipulating and silencing real debate, the American left are far more asute than the alt-right could ever hope to be.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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Keith Smith
Keith Smith
September 19, 2017

Strange article, it seems to be playing devils advocate with some sort of ‘sensationalist’ insight that the left is not supporting islam? In the UK Tommy Robinson was nearly killed for his beliefs against islam. Barcelona Agreement betrayed many many countries in Europe and capitulated to islam, with mulsims being given ‘special privilege’ over indigenous population. It is the ‘right’ in UK that has been fighting islam. Left support it

Keith Smith
Keith Smith
September 19, 2017

Would like to point out that wahhabism salafist, ‘moderate’ lol. it aall comes from the same book, Thre is no koran 2.0 one book one beliefe, different interpretations and different levels of ‘commitment to the faith’. All one islam. Mulsims blowing up mulsims in ME is about tribes, and political violence. The only way these ‘tribes’ are held together in places like saudi is by imposing the harshest sharia law for everybody to follow with no ‘favours’ to anybody, (thus making them all equal). One dutty book, One Disgusting barbaric cult. islam translated literally means submission! mohhamed (piss be upon… Read more »

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