The Keiser Report’s, Stacy Herbert crushes the Guardian on twitter when she calls them out for glorifying Ukraine’s Nazi women soldiers

The tweets speak for themselves.

The original Guardian article is here.

The Keiser Report’s Stacy Herbert had the Guardian running around in circles trying to cover up its tracks, when the article it posted on the “brave” Ukraine women soldiers was riddled with nazi symbols and ideology.

Of course, according to Western main stream media, there are no nazi’s in Ukraine…yeah right!


The Guardian then moved to delete comments that pointed out their affinity for Nazi promotion and even began to change captions under the photos that highlighted the “1488” reference on the van.

Stacy Herbert and her twitter followers were not gonna let the Guardian off that easy…


And in case anyone was wondering about the Crossed Grenades symbols, also known as “Dirlewanger”…


The crossed grenade emblem signifies the Waffen SS unit most commonly known, after its commander, as the “Dirlewanger Brigade” (later, the 36th SS Division). Oskar Dirlewanger (1895-1945) was an SS officer involved in the Holocaust and anti-partisan actions in World War II, including the murderous suppression of the 1944 uprising of the Polish Home Army in Warsaw. Even within the Waffen SS, both Dirlewanger and his unit had a reputation for sadism, cruelty, and atrocities. As a result, modern-day neo-Nazis regard Dirlewanger as a hero; there was even a white power music band named after him.











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