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The hard truth about the migrant caravan (VIDEO)

The Central American migrant caravans may seem like old news, but the narratives offered by the mainstream media clashed with reality sharply one week ago when a particular caravan found itself stopped at the US border in the Mexican city of Tijuana.

There is a lot more to this and other groups, each numbering thousands of people, in their efforts to enter the United States. In a sense the entire battle between “one-world globalism” and “national sovereignty” can be found in the character, actions and the very nature and driving philosophy that has energized these groups of people. This video clip by independent journalist Ami Horowitz is extremely telling.

One very important message that is not penetrating like it ought to be is that the New World Order – globalist, borderless, socialist, and secularist – is pounding on the door of the most significant “soft target” left in the world – the United States. Russia and China are the other two great powers, and the globalists seem to know better than to even try to advance their agenda with these two nations, which are both extraordinarily (in our time) sovereign.

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December 3, 2018

Ami Horowitz is a well-known, long-time, shill for the right-wing his videos should be treated with the same contempt as those by well-known ‘Project Veritas’ faker James O’Keefe. That you promote their fakery delegitimizes you as well.

john vieira
December 5, 2018

They are operating on BOTH sides of the Atlantic….Refugee crisis(?) in Middle East/North Africa…Poland, Austria and a couple others are adamantly anti and a few others are starting to wake up….and the “caravans” cum invasion on the Southern US border. Britain is pretty well screwed already…BREXIT will not help them even if they grow a couple at this late stage…It will be at least interesting…and inevitably be very bloody as history repeats itself…

Paddy Jameson Power
Paddy Jameson Power
January 17, 2019

Perhaps, if the USA did not interfere in the affairs of Latin American countries economically, politically or militarily, the immigrants might want to stay at home.

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