The geopolitical Copernican turn and the American Inquisition

The great Italian astronomer and mathematician Galileo was once labelled a heretic by the “far greater” Catholic Church. For the record, he committed two crimes. The first crime was in questioning the unchangeable belief system of the Church which formed the very basis of European consciousness. This occurred when Galileo exposed the lie that the Sun revolves around the Earth. He embraced instead the heliocentric idea of Copernicus. Needless to say this did not please “the Inquisition”.

His second crime came about through observing “the heavens” using new technology which the Catholic Church could not control. The technology, of course, was the new and improved telescope.

400 years later, the new Inquisition – now formed to serve the American Empire –would come down hard on another heretic: Julian Assange. For the record, Assange also committed two crimes.

The first had to do with a sexual encounter that somehow devolved – suspiciously – into a rape charge. His second crime was in using new technology which cannot be controlled by the Empire.

For his crimes, Galileo was subjected to house arrest for the remaining years of his life. Assange has been forced to live for five years in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London – a perverted form of house arrest if you think about it.

Another heretic, Margarita Simonyan – through Russia Today – has managed so far to elude the long arm of the new Inquisition. For the record, her first crime consisted of organizing and directing an information campaign that criticizes and questions the political dogma of the Empire. Not surprisingly, the new Inquisition –through its existential fear of the truth and therefore change desperately wants to prove a heretical connection between RT and Julian Assange’s Wikileaks.

Due to the extraordinary popularity of RT (4.5 billion views to date), Simonyan has managed to incur the wrath of the Inquisition because she too is using new technology the Empire cannot control (Her second crime)

Fearing any change to the geopolitical status quo, those at the apex of power stubbornly cling to the irrational belief that the world revolves around America.

History has shown, however, that the Truth eventually wins out.

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