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A Critical Discussion About Freedom

Introduction by Richard Galustian:

This is really a most important debate, the link for which is below; a must be heard discussion to anyone on the planet interested in freedom.

Forget ‘isms’, what is at issue is FREEDOM!

The freedom of expression and speech. The halting of the march towards an Orwellian world.

The panel consisted of politicians, journalists, activists and specialists, gathered and organised as well as hosted by the brilliant and irrepressible former UK MP George Galloway. The event took place on Wednesday 1st May in London in a panel discussions on Julian Assange and the ‘state of imperialism in general,’ and other related issues. The panel included speakers such as ex-UK ambassador Craig Murray, former MI5 Intelligence officer Annie Machon, prominent activist Emmy Butlin, Alexander Mercouris, Editor-in-Chief at The Duran and the relatively new Editor-in-Chief of WikiLeaks (while Assange is in jail) Kristinn Hrafnsson, who made an unexpected appearance.

Galloway, it seems to me, is the only man in British public life to have true incorruptible integrity and morals and if there were any justice in this world, in Britain, he is the man that should be Prime Minister of the UK, as radical as that may sound to many.

Finally to repeat my personal comment, the central issue is the inalienable human right to freedom that is at stake and if, we the people, are to take to the streets, as the French people have, then so be it.

The current crop of Western governments simply are no longer acceptable and need changing in 2019.

Here is the three hour must watch debate/event. Fast forward to the 11th minute for a brief introduction, but it starts in earnest with George Galloway at the 16.15 minute point, and is riveting from then on:

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