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The Death Cult choir –

This should be a wake up call for the right wing but it won’t be: Dozens of pastors across the Bible Belt have succumbed to coronavirus after churches and televangelists played down the pandemic and actively encouraged churchgoers to flout self-distancing guidelines. As many as 30 church leaders from the nation’s largest African American Pentecostal denomination have …

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John Ellis
John Ellis
April 29, 2020

Wealth is not property, it is the evil of owning excessive property while the 50% working-poor suffer want because of never having owned land, wealth or political property.
For everyone is so selfish that they desire to be rich, causing them to worship the rich and to give total control of government to the rich.
For without a change in human nature, we will never overcome over-production, over-consumption and the evil of global warming.

Call me Al
Call me Al
Reply to  John Ellis
April 30, 2020

Wealth is not evil in itself, extreme wealth is evil. When you talk about 50% working-poor, that is no longer the case in the US or my UK to an extent, it is more like 80 / 90 % working poor, which now includes the middle class. The only difference is chumps like me somehow can get a mortgage on a property (that we can never pay off) thus never own the property; basically renting it at extortionate rates until you miss that first months repayments. When you state “For everyone is so selfish that they desire to be rich,… Read more »

Pentagon would be producing biological weapons in the Amazon Rainforest

The words “king” “monarch” “revolution” and “gun battles, were uttered. –