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The Dark side of Joe Biden

Before you watch this video, I want to say that I don’t under any circumstances support Joe Biden.

Joe Biden is going to be the main man to stand against Donald Trump in oncoming presidential elections in the U.S. But his figure now is too strange. He has already been blamed for harassment and now he is being made fun of, because of his strange statements.

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John Ellis
July 4, 2020

Those in the American public, they are either totally gullible and completely stupid, or irreversibly deceitful. For both Trump and Joe Biden intend to keep the 50% working-poor enslaved in poverty, by allowing the 50% most intelligent to continue hoarding all the land, wealth and healthcare.
And yet, any third Party candidate for President would get less than 1% of the vote.

Bia Capewell
Bia Capewell
July 4, 2020

The background music spoil it! We can’t hear it properly! Horrible silly music, I would love to listen without.

Bia Capewell
Bia Capewell
July 4, 2020


July 4, 2020

Its high time the Blacks hit the road and left the Democrat Plantation.
The Uncle Toms in Congress only care about Israel and their own pocket books.

July 8, 2020

I’m sure this video was interesting and informative, but unfortunatly the message was subsumed beneath the loudness of the backing track.
I had to turn it off as the effort to separate the track from the audio comment was a bit too much for my poor old addled brain, after a morning spent researching the net for a bit of sense.
Please bring this to the attention of your producer.

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