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Black Lives Matter Goes After ‘LIBERAL WHITE SUPREMACISTS’ as the Left Begins Eating Its Own!!!

The Duran has expressed disappoint of late in what it sees as President Trump’s failure to seize the moment and speak out forcefully against the BLM agitators and protesters and their violent disruptive exploits.  Steve Turley offers something of a dissenting argument.

For Turley the BLM protests are quickly imploding, beginning to openly devolve into an outright racism in reverse.   The militant Black left is turning against and denouncing the White liberal establishment.

What if Trump’s strategy is to let this fissure develop into a full fledged chasm? If the White liberals understand they are equally the target of BLM violence as White conservatives, where else is there for them to turn, albeit secretly, then to Trump?

What if Trump’s strategy is to sit by quietly and let BLM do the heavy lifting of converting liberal establishment Whites into Trumpers?

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July 4, 2020

Burn, Loot, Murder has the blessings of the DNC, the large Democrat-run cities and counties, Wall Street, members of the FBI and CIA, most academia, the US Jewish-owned corporate Hollywood complex and the wealthy liberal donor establishment of the US. It is the well-funded more radical cadre that is carrying out the purge of the Old Order American Left.

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Smashing Idols
Smashing Idols
July 4, 2020

He makes a good point that BLM is racist altogether, and is eating its own white proponents. May its insatiable appetite to destroy cause it to devour not only its own tail but its entire body into oblivion.`

July 4, 2020

This may be the ultimate triumph of Identity Politics – complete segregation.
Identity Politics for white people.
White Students Association, White Police Association, Music Of White Origin Awards, Miss White America, Federation Of White American Associations..

Atavism 101
Atavism 101
July 4, 2020

Reminds me of the white gal years ago that was beaten to death by a South African mob during a march supporting black rights that she was part of.

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