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The Coronavirus Hoax


A  Fake Virus Pandemic was Fabricated to Cover-Up a Global Disaster; an Outbreak of 5G Radiation Poisoning..

The Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic was STAGED tocover-up the public health crisis caused bythe intensive 5G roll-out in Wuhan in 2019.

“China was long ago set to be the 5G showcase for the world.Major metro areas and technology hubs like Wuhan wereselected to be official 5G Demonstration Zones.

Only such a high concentration of 5G radio-frequency transmitters and microwave towers would permit a citywide build-out of theInternet of Things.

2019 was the year Wuhan, the capital of Hubei, was “expected to have 10,000 5G base stations by the end of 2019, said Song Qizhu, head of Hubei Provincial Communication Administration”.

Then the Coronavirus hit, so the whole world was told. What really happened was that a new variant of the Coronavirus was released in Wuhan after the 5G experimenters saw an epidemic of 5G Radiation Poisoning explode.

The 5G guinea pigs were literally dropping like flies as soon as they flipped the 5G switch.

The hospital ERs and urgent care clinics were overwhelmed. The 5G scientists watching the burgeoning public health crisis immediately activated Plan B:Blame it on a virulent flu—a bioengineered coronavirus thatproduces symptoms similar to 5G Syndrome.”


— Intelligence Analyst and Former U.S. Army Officer

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Angry Blackman
Angry Blackman

By now, I’m very able to discern and recognize us propaganda when I see one.
Nice fucking try….


What a crock is this article. Why does the Duran publish such non- sense? There is a pronounced difference between an infectious disease and radiation sickness. It would show in laboratory analyses very fast! And it would have been noticed by many nations who made their own research analyses of Covid19! This author wants to spread panic about 5G because the US is two years behind Chiba in 5G development. 5G was first installed in Beijing and Shenzhen, not in Wuhan. If this author were correct, then the disease would be worst in Beijing. But it isn’t! Stop publishing intentional… Read more »

Jade Johnson
Jade Johnson

What a crock is your reply to this article! 5G syndrome produces the same effects as the flu. What makes you think it wasn’t noticed by many nations who made their own research analyses of Covid19? This is a widespread coverup & Covid19 did not come from a bat, it was created in a lab & is unnatural nor will any vaccine have any effect on it!

George Hartwell
George Hartwell

Before judging this article and hypothesis: 1. check out the full article at the link above. The full article should have been included here to give us any chance of assessing this. 2. Remind yourself that we got sucked into blaming the bug (germ theory) and began to ignore the environment (Immune system.) We are mentally biased to favor the bug theory of a flu, rather than something affecting our immune system. The full thesis is that 5G weakens our immune system making us more open to any flu bug around. However, the 5G system is likely a weapon for… Read more »

Paul Martin
Paul Martin

Jon Rappaport has been doing some great investigating and looking into Covid-19 with some real thinking. I strongly recommend reading his current pieces on how this particular instance of yet another epidemic (or “pandemic” as WHO and CDC are dying to call it) is really a cover for other things. A must-read first, is his short piece on the swine flu scare, and how a CBS reporter uncovered something that got her fired (amazingly she’s still alive). There is also a short recent discussion here between Rappaport and Catherine Austin Fitts of the Solari Report. People who check out… Read more »


While 5G may be exacerbating the issue, it is much simpler than that. Viruses are not the cause of disease, they cannot make you sick. They are an indication of an underlying issue, toxicity. The virus is mutated IN the body, and is essentially a detoxing mechanism that aids the body. They are not to be feared.

Read more at my website in the series of articles I have written.

NO viruses are making anyone sick, and they cannot, it’s the other way around.

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