The civil war in East Ukraine is reaching a stalemate, as the neo-nazi army is starting to fade out [Video]

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General winter in right around the corner, and if the nazi regime in Ukraine is going to achieve victory in the East for their US and EU masters they better do so in the next week.

Main stream media is trying as hard as it can to push any and all story lines boasting that Ukraine is winning the war (it’s not), while at the same time trying to push NATO to openly provide help in their ethnic cleansing campaign.

Last weeks false flag debacle instigated by two British stooge journalists, was case in point as to how desperate things are becoming for the Ukraine regime. Just about every independent, free thinking person on the planet had a good laugh with the staged convoy phantom explosion / imaginary Russian invasion, that The Guardian and Telegraph tried to sell us.

Zerohedge certainly had fun, making fun of the British Press and the clowns in government in Ukraine, in their aptly titled post:

Did Ukraine Attack Its Own Tanks? White House “Can’t Confirm Russian Convoy Was Destroyed By Kiev.”

Zerohedge logically explains that for Russia to make a formal statement that no military convoy entered Ukraine, clearly implies that Russia believes there is no evidence of destruction of a Russian convoy in Ukraine territory:

…something which obviously would exist if indeed as Ukraine’s president had claimed, the “majority of the machines had been eliminated.”

If true, it also implies that either Ukraine had fabricated the entire story, and certainly the part about the destruction of the convoy and by extension that Russians had ever entered into East Ukraine. Furthermore, that would also suggest that the reports of the British reporters were also a fabrication.

More to the point, the onus is on Ukraine to present some evidence, in fact any evidence, of a destroyed Russian military convoy instead of merely building upon a story conceived by the two UK media outlets, because if Ukraine indeed has no evidence, then its story falls apart and what’s worse, the credibility and reputation of its government, of NATO and certainly of the UK press would be in tatters.

So what other possibility is there? Well, one that is all too unpalatable for Ukraine, namely that in its excitement to blow something up, it may have well destroyed some of its own military vehicles.

And since no evidence has so far been presented, and the British reporters who tweeted about seeing Russian trucks enter Ukraine for some reason forgot to take photos of the actual incursion, we are left with these thoughts, once again from Zerohedge:

Ukraine’s alleged attack of a Russian military convoy, has come and gone, and as we mused on Friday has promptly faded into the memory of all other fabricated headlines released by the country engaged in a major civil war and an even more major disinformation war.

The false flag does leave some lasting impressions.

First and foremost, the British press has become a laughing stock. They have zero credibility left, while David Cameron is simply a US puppet and most of the world now recognises this fact.

Second the Ukraine army is disintegrating rapidly.

Why do we say this? Looking at tons of video evidence all over Youtube detailing events on the ground, one can not help but notice that the resistance in the East keeps blowing apart just about every tank or vehicle thrown at it.

Also at the beginning of the week, there was lots of big talk from Ukraine military officials and President Poroshenko about a major assault on Donetsk, that would give Ukraine victory by the 24th of August. Nothing of the kind appears to have materialized.

Unfortunately for Ukraine, the strategy we saw in Slavyansk is not going to work for Donetsk, which was mainly to bomb civilians and infrastructure until the militia could not take the horror and leave, to save innocent lives.

Simply put, Ukraine was not up to storming Slavyansk and will never be up to storming a bigger city like Donetsk. The Red Cross coming into Lugansk and Donetsk will complicate things further for the Ukraine junta’s cowardly way of carrying on war…that of randomly shelling populated areas. 

Finally it is worth noting two more points:

First Ukraine is now on its third round of drafts asking abled bodied men of up to 60 years of age to become cannon fodder in Victoria Nuland’s war. If things were going so well, why have three rounds of drafts?

My hunch is that Ukraine is suffering some serious losses on the front lines, and is now desperate to send more men, any men, to to their death. They are simply throwing everything they have towards the campaign in the East, in a desperate bid to win something before winter arrives and their Western masters pull the plug on the entire effort.

Which brings me to my second point, if things were going so well in the civil war for Ukraine, then why are the Ukes constantly asking (begging) NATO for military support?  An army that is on the verge of victory (as Ukraine has been claiming now for the last three months) does not need to publicly beg their western masters for more hardware. The reality is that Ukraine is broke and their military arsenal is in tatters.

This civil war is now being funded by the US and European taxpayer. How long citizens of America and Europe they will support a nazi regime is up for debate.

And this takes us to the excellent analysis from The Vineyard of the Saker, that exposes events taking place in Ukraine from sources on the ground, actually fighting the war.

This recent post and video below shows a Ukraine army that is disintegrating daily, much to the chagrin of their Washington neo-con masters and their European partners. It paints a much different narrative than what corporate main stream media is trying to push forward.

Which side is getting crushed – see for yourself:

First, I have to tell you that I don’t know when or where this video was shot. I would say that it is very recent and that it was show somewhere outside the combat zone. It seems to show a Ukie column stopped on the side of a highway which is being approached by civilians offering the exhausted soldiers some water and beginning a conversation. The rest is self-explanatory (make sure to activate the “cc” option to see the English subtitles).

You will notice that at one point the conversation centers around three, possibly four, destroyed brigades which might be interpreted as 10’000 dead Ukies. The brigades are the 72nd, 79th, 24th and 25th. When the civilian asks again how many people were killed, the soldiers answer “go figure!”.

Now, that kind of roadside “interview” does not prove anything, much less so that 10’000 Ukies died or that 4 Ukie brigades were wiped out. But it does show that this is what these Ukies soldiers believe, that the “military rumor mill” on the Ukie side is all about doom and gloom and not about how “we are just about to liberate Donetsk and Lugansk from the terrorists”. Notice also the utter contempt for their commanders and the reference to a completely broken chain of command.

I will also say that reports of that kind are shown every day on Russian TV and on the Russian blogosphere and Internet. I wish somebody had the time to parse YouTube and make a long video of all the many short video reports showing masses of burned down Ukie armor and desperate, disgusted and depressed Ukie soliders (btw – 17 more crossed into Russia today).

On the Resistance side ALL I saw is videos of bombed buildings, killed civilians, and massive artillery strikes from the Ukie positions. I have yet to see a single video showing a destroyed Resistance unit. Mind you – this is war and I am sure that this also did happen, but I did not see it (yet).



The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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