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The 12 Strongest Arguments That Douma Was A False Flag

This isn’t just some idle philosophical question. People died. A massive war crime occurred and the more minutes tick by before a legitimate investigation is launched – with full transparency and accountability this time…

There have been many US military interventions that were based on lies. This is not a conspiracy theory. It is not some kooky blogger’s opinion. It is an extensively documented and indisputable fact.

Nothing has ever been done to address this extensively documented and indisputable fact. No laws were ever changed. No war crimes tribunals were ever held. No policies or procedures were ever revised. No one was ever even fired. No changes were implemented to prevent the Iraq deception from happening again, and, when it happened again, no changes were implemented to prevent the Libya deception from happening again.

When you make a mistake, you take measures afterward to ensure that you never make the same mistake again. When you do something on purpose, and you intend on doing it again, you do not take any such measures.

There is a large and growing body of evidence that we have been lied to about Syria to an extent and to a level of sophistication that may be historically unprecedented. One particular aspect of the US-centralized empire’s military involvement in that nation, the 2018 airstrikes by the US/UK/France alliance and the alleged chemical weapons incident which preceded it, has been subject to intense scrutiny ever since it took place. And with good reason: there are many pieces of evidence indicating that the Douma incident was staged to falsely implicate the Syrian government

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The Caustic Compendium of Improbabilities
The Caustic Compendium of Improbabilities

Douma smelled of phoniness from day one. Actually, day one was years earlier when belchingcat’s sarin rockets were debunked by MIT. From that point on, it was just a connect the dots on the helmets exercise over the entire Syria campaign.

Fly on the Wall
Fly on the Wall

What was it that Bush jr. said: “Fool me once, I’m flabbergasted but fool me twice? Well, that’s a pretty effective technique. I think I’ll increase their budget.”

The Atlantic Council's Brown Noses
The Atlantic Council's Brown Noses

That was the day Belching Cat himself was debunked, wasn’t it? You’d think someone with a career in underwear would know better how not to expose his dirty laundry.

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