Terrorism is the enemy of Russia, the west and the entire world

When it comes to terrorism, warnings do not always come from the barbarians, the killers and those who worship at the altar of death. Warnings also come, albeit in a very different form, from the peacemakers, the problem solvers, the well meaning and those who do good deeds.

Hours after a crazed lone wolf terrorist attacked people on the streets of London, just weeks ago, I made a plea for western governments to end their fake politics which is rife with uncorroborated accusations of ‘Russian interference’ and ‘Russian threats’.

I said too that the money and time wasted on chasing an invisible ‘Russian threat’ is time and money that could be dedicated to fighting actual threats like terrorism.

Today’s terrorist attack in St. Petersburg demonstrates that terrorists do not care about hacking and they certainly do not care about news analysis shows on RT.

Russia is not a terrorist state, RT is not ISIS propaganda. The words coming from the Russian government and from Russian based news outlets, such as RT, are actually stridently anti-ISIS and anti-ISIS clones. This is more than can be said about many western governments and western mainstream media who think that terrorists are ‘rebels’ and beheaders are ‘moderates’. They of course change their adjectives when these ‘moderate killers’ come back to the west. It is a duplicity that ought to stop.

The terrorists who killed and wounded innocent people in St. Petersburg do not draw a distinction between west and east, CNN and RT, Trump supporters and Hillary conspiracy theorists. They simply want to attack all ordinary people whether in Syria, Iraq, France, America or Russia. They do not actually care about the beliefs of the victims, so long as they create victims and as many as possible.

I asked after the recent London attack, when leaders in the west might ever learn? When might they learn that people in London and New York do not consider their fellow men and women in St. Petersburg and Moscow the enemy. People throughout the world whether the Arab world, Slavic world, Anglo-Saxon world and beyond, all have a common enemy in the form of crazed terrorists.

They still probably won’t learn, not even from this. This is a crime on top of a terrible tragedy.

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