Tens of thousands of migrants pour into Slovenia. Army called in to control the chaos

The fruits of NATO’s regime change / bombing activity in the Middle East and North Africa…for all of NATO’s vassal states in Europe witness up close and personal, at their borders and in their towns.

After Hungary started tightening its borders, the new hot spot for refugees and migrants looking for a better life in the bankrupt and broke EU has become Slovenia.

Via Sputnik News Agency…

Slovenia’s parliament gave the country’s army powers to take part in guarding the national border as migrants keep entering the country from Croatia, Reuters reported.

Over 20,000 migrants arrived in the country of roughly two million in the past 5 days after Hungary closed its border with Croatia. The government has called on the EU to help and issued a statement saying Slovenia had “limited possibilities of border control and accommodating migrants.”

“[On Wednesday] we will officially ask the EU… for police back-up and for financial help,” the country’s prime minister said before the vote, as cited by Reuters.

The new law allows the Slovenian army to guard the country’s borders when no police are present.
Thousands of migrants have been held up at border crossings, including between the borders of countries, as Slovenia’s attempts to seal off its border led Croatia to close off its side of the border as well.

“The last 24 hours have been the toughest and most demanding since the start of the crisis,” Slovenia’s government said, as cited by AFP.

A spike in refugee arrivals was found by the UN on Tuesday, as 27,500 people were found on the Greek islands.


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