There are some teens that see past the liberal gun-control narrative

Student speaks publicly and says the truth – that most of the students doing the walkout just like the chance to leave class; then makes heartfelt plea to love one another instead of bully one another

During the scheduled National School Walkout, an basic lib-fest that unfortunately hijacks a real concern about violence in school across America, one young student took a risk to speak publicly. Her speech was not according to the narrative about “stopping guns”, but rather, she noted that a major part of the problem is how we treat one another in schools. While this is not the full solution to the problem, it is actually a much larger component than restriction of firearms will ever be. Listen to her, and listen to the great response she received.

This student has taken the red pill, so to speak, and she spoke most eloquently and powerfully about something that we could all look at in ourselves and change.

While cessation of bullying will not stop everyone, it certainly goes a long, long way towards not allowing the destructive and vengeful fantasies (that often lead to these horrific events) to get their beginning in many people. And who knows? Real love always heals.

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