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Syrian army about to declare victory in Aleppo

News is circulating in Syria – picked up by the Iranian Fars news agency – that the Syrian army is about to declare victory in Aleppo, and that the eastern districts previously held by the Al-Qaeda led Jihadis have been captured.

Here is what Fars is saying

“Aleppo is to be declared a completely liberated city by Damascus any moment now as Jeish Al-Fatah (NB: Al-Qaeda- AM) terrorists are now left with only four city districts in the South-East after the Syrian army troops and popular forces captured two more neighbourhoods.”

The meaning of this report is not entirely clear, but it seems to mean that only four districts of eastern Aleppo are still in Jihadi control, and that they are expected to fall imminently.

This information is not yet confirmed by the Syrian news agency SANA, but the Russian news agency Sputnik has clearly picked up on the Fars report and is saying that the Syrian army has already declared victory.

Following the Syrian army’s further advances today an announcement of final victory can now only be a matter of time, and it seems is on the verge of coming.

Meanwhile in anticipation of the announcement Fars is also reporting that thousands of Syrians are pouring onto the streets in celebration.

We are keeping the situation under close observation and will update our readers as more reports come in.

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