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Sweden, almost 1 bomb attack every 3 days

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Violent crime has swept the liberal nation. Bomb attacks have become the norm, almost one occurring every three days. It’s often tied to organized crime and the drug trade. On top of being renowned for its [questionable] education system regarding gender and sexuality for toddlers, and it’s highly interventionist Child services, Sweden has a strong welfare system and strict gun control laws. Liberals always insist that by banning guns, fewer people will end up with bullets in their hides. Obviously that’s not the case in Sweden. Last month, on the streets of Malmo, two 15 year olds were fired upon… one died, while the other was brought to the ER with 10 bullet wounds. In the same locality, back in August, a mother was shot dead [in the head] on the street, while holding her five year old son.

Maher Turkie, originally from Lebanon, and a reformed convict in Sweden, said about the country that it will “soon resemble Syria and won’t be any difference.” If some think it too great an exaggeration, then a better example would be Mexico – second deadliest conflict zone in 2016 after Syria [and mind you, in Syria we had an entire dismemberment operation sponsored by powerful geopolitical actors]. According to the International Institute for Strategic Studies, the former conflict has received little attention. In Mexico, 23,000 people died in the fight against drug cartels in 2016. In other, smaller Central American countries battling the same foe, including Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala, another 16,000 were killed.

The police department in Malmo received reinforcements. Despite the drop in the overall crime rate, the chief of police admits that violent crime is going up. He aims to talk with these risk-factor youngsters. Meanwhile, folks from immigrant backgrounds say they don’t feel protected and blame the authorities.

Maher Turkie, working for his ‘No Crime’ volunteer organization [which tries to dissuade young people from a life of crime and violence], tells us that, “These youngsters don’t respect anyone; they don’t even care about their own fate. So why would they care about the fate of others?”

On the policy side, more politicians are now realizing that integration programs have failed, and they’re demanding a tougher stance from the Swedish Government. One local councilor in Malmo, in my opinion, hasn’t learned anything, for he thinks the problem affecting these risk-factor children is the lack of a good education, with which to secure a job. I dare any adolescent in Sweden, and in any other Western country for that matter, to tell me that their dream, their hope, their pleasure… is to find a wage job after they finish school. In today’s world, wage labor is advertised as the fate for stupid people who haven’t the guts to steal. In today’s world, conspicuous consumption and conspicuous leisure are the most important status symbols [just like Thorstein Veblen pointed out in the 19th century]. Honest labor is for fools. Everyone seeks to make big bucks quick. Everyone seeks to be famous. Guns and drugs go hand in hand to fulfill such aims.

The brother of the wounded kid took part at Turkie’s protest gathering. In front of cameras he said he doesn’t wish for vengeance. But Maher Turkie has heard such statements before, knowing the opposite is true. Maher’s solution, however, won’t amount to anything… He says, “You can’t say, keep your guns, but don’t use them. So we have to find a way for these people to give up their guns without fear of getting punished.” Many Swedes are skeptical too, but if you dare to be circumspect, if you dare to criticize the liberal agenda, and the consequences of state policies, you’re branded a racist, a nazi… I have a solution to pitch to Swedes, and it’s by no means a silver bullet. Continue the [very late implemented] national conscription and quit taking in so many foreigners. Build correctional facilities and get them contract work. No amount of reading and ritual shrink sessions can replace habitual [paid] labor. Install curfews if necessary and police the streets. Cease suppressing empirical data with regard to crime stats. Problems can’t be fixed if the authorities sweep them under the rug. No-Go zones shouldn’t exist! Their existence, however, is a testament to the failure of those politicians that have been in power for decades; and they need to be voted out.

Any sane country should study the pathological case of Sweden, both in terms of culture and actual laws/policies, and take heed. Let it not happen to you!


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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December 8, 2019

A completely exaggerated, manipulated and misrepresented article for me that I am a foreigner and I live more than 20 years in Sweden, all the dead people including the 15 year old boy and the mother, were directly or indirectly vivnculated to the crime! Now yes, we are tired of any type of violence, we want stronger and intolerant laws, stronger penalties including deportations, against the criminals that are clear, they are not integrated into the Swedish society that gives them a free opportunity to do something for their own lives !!! but from there to equate Sweden, Malmö with… Read more »

Ted Rees
Ted Rees
Reply to  Humano
December 8, 2019

Maher Turkie said that the country will become like Syria, not the author.
The crimes in Mexico and Syria and in Sweden have NOTHING to do with poverty!

Liberalism is a Mental Illness
Liberalism is a Mental Illness
December 8, 2019

USA vs Sweden on Gun Crime:
USA is 3x Sweden

USA vs Sweden on total crimes/1000 people:
Sweden in ranked 2nd in the world, 3x more than USA, which is ranked 22nd

USA vs Sweden on violent crime:
USA is ranked 1st, Sweden 10th

USA vs Sweden on rape rate:
Sweden is ranked 3rd, 3x more than the USA, which is ranked 9th

Bear in mind, the US has 320 mil pop, while Sweden only 10 mil.
Sweden is a violent country too!

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