Stunning facts about illegal immigrants and crime, as revealed by US government (Video)

The truth about illegals and crime.

For years, we were told illegal immigrants were more law-abiding than legal American citizens.

In fact, the opposite is true.

Tucker Carlson exposes some shocking data on immigration and crime that was previously never released due to “political correctness.”

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Tobey Llop
Tobey Llop
December 24, 2017

Other than native Americans most of us are descended from immigrants. I am a law abiding citizen. How about you?

John R Balch Jr
John R Balch Jr
December 24, 2017

Tucker Carlson all I can say is Build the Dam Wall because this guy is full of BS in this thinking. And I mean a wall not some flimsy wall either a WALL. Because if the United States is attacked, it will come from the South through Mexico and right through California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas as proven in a 1980’s study. comment image

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