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Trump says former strategist Steve Bannon “lost his mind”

Trump says former strategist Steve Bannon “lost his mind”

In a very swiftly developing story, President Trump’s ex-chief strategist Steve Bannon has made the news twice in just hours, first with “bombshell” allegations released from his upcoming book.  In this teaser, it was revealed that Steve considered the meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and some Russian officials, held during the campaign, “treasonous.”

At about 18.30 GMT, President Trump issued this statement, passed on through Twitter by a Zeke Miller, apparently a White House reporter:

A further comment from the Press Secretary and Stephan Grisham on the tell-all book:


This is a developing story, in fact the presidential statement is not even in President Trump’s Twitter feed at the moment. We will bring you details as it unfolds.

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