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Aliens? The Cannabis culture? No, just Democrats [Video]

Tucker Carlson hits it out of the park with a stunning summary on the DC madness

A picture is worth a thousand words. That ought to be really good for all the readers who do not like reading my longer articles. However a video is worth a thousand pictures. That being said, let’s have a look at what the Democrats are doing this week, and do a sanity evaluation.

We have two tasty treats. The first one is straight from the Compleat Fake Impeachment Trial, which we probably ought to rename Romper Room on Acid. See for yourself:

And for our second act, Hillary Clinton just got herself on the receiving end of a $50 million lawsuit, brought by Democrat (yes, fellow Democrat) presidential candidate, Hawai’i Representative Tulsi Gabbard. Why? Because Hillary Clinton is still angry that she is not the President, and she decided that Tulsi was a threat because she has a better grip on reality, at least as regards foreign policy. Tulsi is strangely insane also, trying to hold her line as a Democrat when her whole party seems to have left her in the lurch (she is more like a Trumpian style politician than a liberal Democrat, in my view, and I suspect her adherence to the party platform is contrived.) So, let’s look at this piece of insanity now.

But lest we lose our sense of humor, you know it is bad when even lesbian and fellow uber liberal Kate McKinnon lampoons Hillary, as happened some years back.

So which is Life, and which is Art?

Too many people smoking pot on the Hill, I think…

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January 24, 2020

$50,000,000…that would make a hell of a 2024 campaign donation. Oh the irony! LOL!

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