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State Department’s Heather Nauert insults Lavrov and he HITS BACK

State Department’s Heather Nauert insults Lavrov and he HITS BACK

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov spoke earlier about the steps that Russia, the US and Jordan are taking to finalise the deals for the creation of de-escalation zone in areas of south western Syria covered by the recently agreed upon ceasefire. He also spoke of how the guarantors will in communication with both Syrian forces and their enemies from an operations centre to be based in Amman.

It seems that these details were lost on US Stat Department Heather Nauert who seemed caught off-guard by such details. This is the same Heather Nauert that seemed to think that false flags are not a problem.

Today she said of Lavrov’s earlier, detailed statements,

“Mr. Lavrov likes to talk a lot and get out ahead, I think, of some of the negotiations that are underway.

That is all still being worked out. We are a little over two days into the ceasefire in that part of Syria. We’re pleased with that. We think it’s holding fairly well at this point. In terms of who is doing what, when, where, how, some of those details are still being worked out”.

The Russian Foreign Minister hit back saying,

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“Nobody should get out ahead of things, but I suppose lagging behind real events does not help in the diplomat’s job either. I don’t understand how this lady can know what I like and don’t like. We haven’t been introduced”.

Perhaps Heather Nauert ought to remember what it’s like being on the bad side of Sergey Lavrov.

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