State Department spokesperson Marie Harf knows how to beat ISIS…give them jobs

Obama has really assembled a top notch team of foreign policy experts.

Here is valley girl, Marie Harf, explaining how to beat ISIS…‘Well like, we need to like, give them like jobs like, yeah cool.’

Zerohedge had this commentary on Harf’s great idea to destroy ISIS…

State Department spokesperson Marie Harf explains to no lesser pillar of unbiased reporting than Chris Matthews that – as opposed to President Obama’s ‘bomb them into oblivion’ perspective, “we can’t kill our way out of this war [with ISIS]… we must address the root causes – like joblessness.” Even Matthews is stunned at this perspective, exclaiming “we’re never going to chieve that in 50 lifetimes, there’ll always be poor muslims.” But, as the administration appears to be suggesting, even every radical muslim deserves $10.25 an hour to work at Baghdad McDonalds.

Even Matthews is stunned…”we’re never going to achieve that in 50 lifetimes, there will always be poor muslims who are ready to join.”

Not to be outdone, the CIA News Network, or CNN to most, has this to say about how ISIS does its recruiting…


As per Harf’s suggestion, America might begin the ISIS interview process anytime now…



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February 19, 2015

RT @redpilltimes: State Department spokesperson Marie Harf knows how to beat #ISIS…give them jobs

February 19, 2015

#State Department spokesperson Marie Harf knows how to beat… #timeline #notizie #news

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