St. Petersburg’s White Nights Festival is a world-class event

The festival of music and arts starts in May and lasts through July.

The 26th of May marks the beginning of the White Nights Festival throughout St. Petersburg. Ever since 1992, the city has hosted a large arts and cultural festival running throuhghout the summer months when St. Peterburg’s skies remain bright until the late hours.

The festival’s director is Maestro Valery Gergiev who conducts a series of operas, ballets and orchestral concerts throughout the city. The historic Mariinsky Theatre built in 1860 as well as the 21st century Mariinsky Concert Hall and Mariinsky II serve as venues for Gergiev’s classical performances.

Additionally, St. Petergburg’s Palace Square (Дворцо́вая пло́щад) hosts a serious of outdoor rock and pop concerts which in recent years have featured the surviving Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

One of the highlights of the festival is the Scarlet Sails event. Here, a replica of the Shtandart, the first ship in Russia’s Baltic fleet, sails through the St. Petersburg waterfront to a highly choreographed display of lights, fireworks, lasers and music.

To book tickets just go to the Mariinsky’s website here

White Nights is the kind of event everyone should attend AT LEAST once…but trust me, once is never enough.

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