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South Korea responds to Pynoyngyang’s missile launch with ‘overwhelming’ show of force

Japan and South Korea have requested the latest DPRK missile launch be discussed at an emergency session of the UN Security Council.

South Korea has responded to North Korea’s recent missile launch by ordering a large military drill employing F15 fighter jets dropping bombs in an exercise which took place near Taebaek, a South Korean town near the 38th parallel which divides the two Korean states.

The exercises were said to be ordered by South Korean President Moon Jae-in shortly after the North Korean missile launch which took place early on the morning of the 29th.

According to the chief of North Korea’s Security Council,

“We assessed North Korea’s provocations as extremely severe and decided to maintain a vigilant posture in preparation for the possibility of additional provocations by North Korea”.

South Korea’s military drills were followed by Japan conducting anti-missile exercises. Japan had previously declared it has the right to shoot down any North Korean projectiles which fly over its territory although this morning, Tokyo did not attempt to shoot down the missile from Pyongyang.

South Korea and Japan have also called for an emergency session of the United Nations Security Council in order to discuss the latest missile launch by North Korea.

Last week, North Korea launched a trio of short-range missiles which were said to have failed. At the time South Korea said this was a possible sign that North Korea wants to engage in dialogue. Based on Seoul’s response to the most recent more successful launch, it appears South Korea has modified its opinion on this.

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