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Soros Partners With Mastercard To Hand Out Money To Migrants

Via Zerohedge

Billionaire investor George Soros has repeatedly denied rumors that he is helping to finance the migrant caravans making their way up from Honduras and Guatemala through Mexico with the ultimate aim of reaching the US.

But that’s about to change, as the “Open Society” founder – who famously financed much of the opposition to Trump SCOTUS pick Brett Kavanaugh – is now partnering with Mastercard to hand out money (in the form of ‘investment capital’) to migrants, refugees and “others struggling within their communities worldwide,” according to Reuters. Through their partnership, Soros is effectively providing open financial support for migrants and refugees seeking to enter the US and Europe.

The partnership between Soros and Mastercard, which they are calling Humanity Ventures, is the result of a pledge that Soros made in September to spend $500 million to address “the challenges facing migrants and refugees.”

In a statement, Soros and Mastercard declared that government aid programs haven’t been enough to solve the issues facing refugees, suggesting that this is a problem that only the private sector can solve.

“Migrants are often forced into lives of despair in their host communities because they cannot gain access to financial, healthcare and government services,” Soros said.

“Our potential investment in this social enterprise, coupled with Mastercard’s ability to create products that serve vulnerable communities, can show how private capital can play a constructive role in solving social problems,” he added.

Right away, Soros plans to spend $50 million to provide “scaleable” health-care and education solutions. He intends to ‘invest’ the money in businesses founded by migrants.

“Humanity Ventures is intended to be profitable so as to stimulate involvement from other businesspeople,” Soros said.

“We also hope to establish standards of practice to ensure that investments are not exploitative of the vulnerable communities we intend to serve.”

Soros has said that he would prefer ‘Humanity Ventures’ to be profitable to attract “other businesspeople”, it’s unclear how, exactly, he plans to earn anything approaching a reasonable rate of return by handing out risk free loans to migrants and refugees.

This comes after Master Card back in 2016 admitted that it has handed out prepaid debit cards to migrants and refugees traveling through Europe, something the company did with the explicit blessing of the European Union and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

Perhaps MSNBC and other liberals who blindly claim that Soros and his network of non-profits aren’t providing financial assistance to migrants approaching the US should consider this before they continue with their denials.

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November 4, 2018

When is Soros going to be sanctioned and have all his assets frozen?.

Reply to  Normski1
November 4, 2018

After he deposes the western world.

john vieira
Reply to  Cudwieser
November 4, 2018

Of course that will be to late!!!

Reply to  john vieira
November 5, 2018

That’s the idea. It may seem simple to depose them, but what is the fall out for doing so and who takes their place. Sometimes what we want is a bad guy as no hero’s will come of good guys. 😉

John C Durham
John C Durham
November 4, 2018

Well, I don’t see anything wrong with financing development in the nations from which these people come. Shortage of money is the major problem and if these had a venue to present their ideas for production, I think that the U.S.A. or anyone else should chip in.
More public owned banks. It is banks that exchange new money for securities paper. Let them sign a loan and set up more and more banks.
Again, BANKS create all (97%) new money. Believe it.

john vieira
Reply to  John C Durham
November 4, 2018

So why does he not “fund” these people to invest in themselves and their countries??? Obviously that would not bolster his obvious agenda…destruction of the status quo to be replaced by chaos…forever warring enclaves a la the Middle Ages.

November 5, 2018

What atrocity. When will this man be sanctioned, to stop him with these atrocities ?
I presume that this man has been doing these things for a long time and nobody had noticed anything, now that explains our situation here in Europe where currently reigns complete chaos. But not only Soros has to be sanctioned, but also the other two monsters, mainly the EU together with the UN, they are a danger to this world and humanity. Lock the evil up.

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