Slow Chelsea Clinton says: “Math helps show how voter ID laws are discriminating at polls”

Democrats know that strict voter ID laws hurt their election chances.

The apple sure falls far from the tree in the case of Chelsea Clinton…who appears to lack much of her father’s brains, and her mother’s shrewd criminal behavior.

The slow Chelsea Clinton promoted an article claiming Tufts University and Harvard University researchers can show how voter ID laws are discriminatory using a simple algorithm.

Via The Gateway Pundit

Can the same math be used to claim photo ID laws for other things such as boarding an airplane, purchasing alcohol or opening a bank account are also discriminatory?

The Democrats know that if strict voter ID laws are passed they will most likely never win an election ever again.

Chelsea Clinton tweeted…

“Math helps show how voter ID laws are discriminating at the polls”:

Even cautioned Democrats not to inflate the impact of voter ID laws…

Once Hersh and Ansolabehere were confident they had properly matched registered voters to their ID records, they used a commercial tool called Catalist to predict each voter’s race. That tool analyzes names to determine how likely a given name is to be associated with one race or another. It also accounts for the demographics of the Census block where a given voter lives. Using this tool, the researchers confirmed what voting rights advocates already know to be true—that black voters are more likely to lack adequate identification under voter ID laws. According to the study, 3.6 percent of registered white voters had no match in any state or federal ID database. By contrast, 7.5 percent of black registered voters were missing from those databases.

The algorithm shows a clear and disturbing racial disparity on voting rights. But Hersh says that it also shows that voter ID laws affect a relatively small percentage of the population. Across all registered voters in Texas, the researchers found 4.5 percent lack proper identification. For registered voters who actually showed up at the polls in 2012, it’s 1.5 percent.

Hersh says he agrees the public ought to be outraged by racially motivated attempts to suppress the vote, and that courts ought to crack down on the practice. But he cautions against Democrats artificially inflating the impact of voter ID laws in their messaging.

The Gateway Pundit links to a list of 24 things that do require a photo ID (including alcohol, cigarettes and applying for food stamps) and strangely enough, the liberals never cry about any of them. How can you even be a functioning person in society without some form of ID?

As expected, Chelsea got mocked by twitter users…

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January 9, 2018

Chelsea Clinton shows that makeup artists can perform miracles.

capt planit
capt planit
Reply to  Penrose
January 10, 2018

Elite inbreeding has its price,just look at Charles in line for the thrones big ears.

john vieira
john vieira
January 10, 2018

The fact that this matter ever got to the point of ‘discussion’ is giving credence to my ‘thesis’ that the last couple generations have been ‘taught’ stupid, ‘graduated’ ignorant and ‘earned’ participatory degrees in “applied ignorance”…and most are now either ‘involved’ in politics/political demonstrations or ‘gainfully’ employed in the mainstream media…

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