Sky News cuts off former head of British military forces for questioning narrative on Syria chemical attack

The media insists: don’t question the official narrative!

The former commanding of the British armed forces in Iraq, General Jonathan Shaw, went on Sky News to talk about the ease of conducting military strikes without Parliamentary approval. Once the anchor asked the question about how Russia could be influencing the issue, the general shifted the question to that of motive: why would Assad launch a chemical attack when he was clearly winning?

Just about as soon as general Shaw asked the question and provided an instance or two, his segment was abruptly ended as the anchor responded “I’m very sorry. Thank you very much indeed.”

The narrative on the chemical weapons attack that has been alleged by Western governments to have taken place over the past weekend is one that insists that the attack was of a chemical nature, specifically that of a chlorine gas attack, together with some nerve agent that has yet to be identified to the public, and that the Syrian regime of President Bashar al-Assad was behind it, possibly directed by Assad himself.

Meanwhile, no real evidence has been produced for public consumption, but the governments of the US and France insist that they are in possession of definite “proof” that Assad was behind the attack and that it was indeed of a chemical, chlorine, nature.

Meanwhile, the UN’s chemical weapons watch dog the OPCW has yet to conduct an independent investigation into the incident which reportedly left dozens dead and hundreds more injured, and is reportedly set to begin such investigation on Saturday.

However, just a day before the investigation is set to initiate, US President Trump, together with his French and British counterparts, Emmanuel Macron and Theresa May, have announced a “precision strike” on military installations in Syria with the aim of “deterrence”.

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