Showdown in Brussels. Greek PM Tsipras ready to strike a deal on his terms. EU will try one last time to scare Greece into submission

Talks to settle the Greek debt crisis are in full swing with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras scheduled to sit at the negotiating table with EC President Jean-Claude Juncker, IMF Chief Christine Lagarde, ECB Head Mario Draghi, and Eurogroup Head Jeroen Dijsselbloem.

The showdown is set for high noon, 12:00 in Brussels.

Creditors received Greece’s latest set of recommendations for breaking the deadlock late Sunday night. The new proposal “was a good basis for progress at tomorrow’s Euro summit,” European Commission spokesman Martin Selmayr, said in a Twitter posting.

Tispras will need to be at his best to withstand the last second pressure that these terrible four will undoubtedly try place on the Greek Prime Minster.

If Tsipras can stand tall and hold firm, not falling for the empty EU oligarch threats, then there is no doubt the EU will cave in and succumb to all of Greece’s demands, because the US has shown its cards early in the game and already decided for Europe…Greece cannot be let to drift astray of the EU vassal state structure, and fall into the BRICS camp.

Stay cool and calm Alexis, this is a slam dunk.

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