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Russophobes will cry: Sheriff Trump lays down the law to Brussels Eurocrats

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Fresh off his meeting in the Vatican, where the Trump women annoyed the liberal modernist pope by dressing far too catholic, Donald Trump arrived in Brussels for a showdown with the bought and paid for career Eurocrats expecting him to carry on the trans-atlanticist flame and keep open the US money spigots filling their troughs.

Those of them hoping Trump had been brought to heel by his more establishment-oriented advisors and cabinet members, were to end up dismayed.

The maverick U.S. president strolled into the headquarters of the European Union for his meeting with EU Council President Donald Tusk with the air of confidence of a man who knows he’s boss – and as the leader of the country holding up both the financial and military structure of both NATO and the EU, the one holding all the cards.

Donald Tusk seemed to naturally concede the other Donald’s alpha-status both with his need to do most of the talking (betraying a sense of insecurity) and his walking slightly to the rear of the US president.

In fact, the same body language of tacit submissiveness on the part of European politicians was to be observed throughout Trump’s interaction with them in Brussels. When he arrived to meet NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg at the alliance’s new $1.2 billion boondoggle HQ, it was a repeat performance of Trump’s meeting with Tusk.

Later on when all the NATO heads-of-state and government had assembled, there was a moment Trump found himself physically hemmed in by the prime minister of the block’s newest member, tiny Montenegro. Unwilling to be obstructed by a two-bit vassal, the superpower commander-in-chief shoved his way to the front of the pack – and Montenegro took it smiling.

On policy, Tusk came out of his meeting disappointed that Trump hadn’t readily subscribed to the Pole’s stock delusional paranoia on Russia, nor embraced a foreign policy based on utopian “values” rather than rational interests – that is to say the hypocritical globalist ideology used to justify western meddling in others’ affairs bringing with it war, unrest and human suffering in the service of the noble aim of bettering mankind.

The fact is, the current occupant of the oval office is the first ever to call into question American commitment to trans-Atlanticism and the globalist agenda. That Trump is still stubbornly sticking to this position, despite the massive deep state-orchestrated media smear campaign against him, must be truly confounding to professional politicians used to saying and doing only what’s good for their careers.

In his speech to his fellow NATO leaders, Trump not only reiterated that all the alliance’s members must pay their fair share of military costs (currently set by the alliance at 2% of GDP), but besides the obligatory mention of Russia as a threat, Trump specifically demanded that NATO do something about “terrorism and immigration.”

Washington’s erstwhile clients assembled to hear this lecture looked none-too convinced and even slightly worried that a US president had actually come to announce the end of business as usual.

While Donald Trump has clearly moderated his original stance that NATO was obsolete and ought to be disbanded – obviously under enormous pressure from the establishment – he seems to be setting a new tone for the organization: that western countries racked by Muslim immigrant-fueled terrorism need to put their own houses in order before going abroad in search of monsters to destroy – especially phony Russian ones.

Mr. Trump has already landed in Sicily where he is slated to meet leaders of the G-7 group of nations (formerly G-8 until Russia was excluded). The G-7 is another increasingly petrified and irrelevant institution with flagging influence, no real accomplishments, and an unwillingness to recognize the reality of a 21st century multi-polar world.

If Boss Trump owns the G-7 like he did the boys in Brussels, the globalist cabal is in for another disappointing meeting.

Don’t be surprised if they keep that Russia-conspiracy yellow press rolling at full speed. It’s their only hope.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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