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Scottish rebels protest the British regime: An exercise in MSM reportage

Today 17,000 peaceful protesters marched in the Scottish city of Glasgow demanding a new referendum on independence.

Here’s how the story would be reported if it was happening in the Arab world or the Russian speaking world or for that matter anywhere outside of the west. 

17,000 Scottish rebels gathered today to protest the ruling British regime. In 2016, Scottish people voted to remain part of the European Union but the nationalist regime in London is set on ignoring the demands of the moderate rebels.

Democracy activist and leader of the Scottish freedom fighters Nicola Sturgeon has demanded a new democratic referendum by ultra-nationalist British leader Theresa May has staunchly rejected these demands. May is know for her outrageous and destabilising remarks, most famously when she threatened to use nuclear weapons as a ‘first strike option’ (yes, she actually said that).

The leader of the left-wing opposition faction Labour, Jeremy Corbyn has said that unlike the ruling faction, he is willing to engage in a peace process with the Scottish rebels.

There is still a great deal of uncertainty as to whether the peaceful demonstrators will be listened to by the authoritarian regime.

The Scottish rebels have called on the European Union to speak out for their democratic protest.

French observer Pierre Macaroon has spoken with the British state-run broadcaster BBC, saying,

“It is too early now to determine whether a civil war will break-out, but it is important that the international community condemns the rebels and respect the territorial integrity of Britain”.

Meanwhile, an NGO from Serbia called The Scottish Human Rights Foundation has issued a statement saying,

“It is important that in conjunction with talks to persuade the UK regime to give up its nuclear weapons programme, that the organisers of the International Peace Conference for Britain in Belgrade engage in direct talks with opposition leaders including moderate Scottish rebels, in order to bring a permanent settlement to the crisis and restore democracy”.


If people think that the above is silly, it is, but it is somewhat less silly  than mainstream media reports which say that the people of Syria would rather live under a foreign funded Salafist/jihadist regime than under a secular, moderate, modern Ba’athist Arab government. It is no more ridiculous than implying that the people of Donbass are foreigners in their own land simply because they are ethnic Russians, who speak Russian and live in a Russian way. It is no more ridiculous than saying that Crimea has no right to self-determination, even when the people of Crimea achieved it peacefully and democratically.

The western mainstream media is full of enthusiasm for alleged rebellions against regimes they ideologically despise and are inversely scathing about peaceful protests against regimes they fund and whose existence they help facilitate, no matter how devious those regimes are.

When it comes to democratic movements closer to home, they can be equally condescending, only more subtle in tone.

The fact is that Scotland has every right to do what it wants just as Crimea did and Donbass does.

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