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Saudi Arabia’s ethnic cleansing of its Shi’a minority is blacked out by MSM

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While western mainstream media focuses on protests supported and funded by American NGOs in Venezuela, there is a true tragedy with irreversible consequences that is being promulgated by the regime of Saudi Arabia, it is an ethnic cleansing that the media refuses to cover.  Far from being a secretive story, the regime is boasting of its crimes under the guise of ‘fighting terrorism’ and no western government has so much as batted an eyelid.

The ethnic cleansing is centred around the town of Al-Awamiya in the north east coat of the Wahhabi Kingdom. Al-Awamiya is a Shi’a town in a country whose extremist constitution looks at Shi’a Muslims as third class citizens.

The only justification the Saudi regime has given for the ethnic cleansing is that the impoverished Shi’a population has links to terrorism, although this claim isn’t backed up with any evidence. Furthermore, the regime claims that the narrow streets of old towns like al-Awamiya are easily barricaded and therefore need to be destroyed.

Furthermore, the regime attests that it’s Shi’a population, like that of the Saudi client state of Bahrain are loyal to Iran, even though this too is not backed up by any evidence. Iran has called for human rights in the region but has never called for any kind of rebellion.

Saudi Arabia has always enacted repressive measures against its Shi’a minority ranging from social and economic disenfranchisement to random death sentences. In 2016 the Shi’a cleric Nimr al-Nimr who lived in Al-Awamiya was arrested and executed after preaching for human rights among Shi’a Muslims.

Although actual statistics on Saudi’s Shi’a population are suppressed by the regime, they are thought to represent approximately 15% of the population. Far from the glitz, garishness and modernity of Saudi Arabia’s Sunni areas, towns like Al-Awamiya are old fashioned and lacking in the essential first world infrastructure of Sunni cities and towns in the Kingdom.

Now though, Saudi authorities have begun bulldozing the town to the ground after issuing notices that all residents must leave and must wave white flags while they evacuate.

The following short notice was posted throughout the town not long before the demolition crews and heavily armed soldiers stormed in.

And then the destruction started.

Just months after the demolitions and destruction began, al-Awamiya now looks like a war zone that it has become.

Further video has emerged were it is clear that the Saudi regime has fired live rounds on remaining residents.

Additional video has emerged of regime fighters firing shoulder fired rockets at civilians

In the west, the ethnic cleansing has gained minor attention in Canada as it is believed that Canadian made weapons and military vehicles which were sold to the Saudi regime under the Canadian government of Justin Trudeau have been used during the attacks on civilians.

Journalist Amel Ahmed has recently Tweeted some of the horrors that surviving victims of the atrocities have been reporting,

The Saudi war against its own Shi’a citizens is the biggest incident of violence in the Middle East in respect of a regime committing acts of deadly violence against its own people.

To make matters worse, the regime has now sentenced 14 Shi’a human rights protesters to death by beheading.

The biggest scandal of this genocide is not that a regime known for sponsoring Wahhabist jihadist terrorism could commit prolonged acts of genocide, but that the western media seems to not care. In Syria, leading western countries have accused the Syrian government of committing acts which it has not and objectively could not commit, yet when Saudi exposes its own crimes to the world, the US and its allies remain silent.

What is happening is something related to the concept of ‘victor’s justice’, it is called ‘ally’s justice’. So long as one is allied with the US, one can do whatever one wishes and get away with it. If one is not a US ally, the US will made up crimes about your government and use this as justification for war. This is the reality of American exceptionalism, it trickles down to Washington’s geo-political friends.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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