Russia’s military is building kamikaze robots (VIDEO)

The machine gun-carrying machines can also function as unmanned suicide attackers

( – The Russian army will be able to solve combat tasks with the help of kamikaze robots in the near future. As it comes from the name of the machine, the robots will be used to act as potential suicide bombers on a battlefield.

A video from a range ground shows two full-tracked unmanned military machines shooting targets from CORD machine guns, and an automatic grenade launcher. The footage also shows the machines accompanying the infantry and armoured vehicles.

The kamikaze robot known as “Nerekhta” can move at a speed of 30 kilometres per hour for a distance of up to 40 kilometres. The machine is compact in size and highly maneuverable. The machine travels with minimal noise and can detect an enemy from a distance of three kilometres. The machine has already been dubbed as a “universal soldier.”

“Nerekhta” robots can take part in hostilities, evacuate the wounded, deliver ammunition, conduct reconnaissance and give target designations to artillery. In addition, the robot can perform functions of a self-destructing kamikaze machine.


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