AWESOME: Russia developing rocket launching heavy flamethrower – ‘Tosochka’

Russia’s Splav Research and Production Association is developing a wheeled-chassis heavy flame-throwing system

So what’s cooler than a heavy flamethrower…umm…a Rocket-launching heavy flamethrower, Da!

That’s just what Russia’s Splav Research and Production Association is developing, a wheeled-chassis heavy flame-throwing system called Tosochka. Because what’s more Russian than bolting on a rocket launcher onto every possible piece of military hardware. Check it out:

Russia’s Splav Research and Production Association has started developing a prototype of the next-generation wheeled-chassis heavy flame-throwing system dubbed Tosochka, CEO of Techmash Holding Company Vladimir Lepin said on Friday.

“The Splav Research and Production Association is carrying out work to develop a prototype of the Tosochka new-generation heavy flame-throwing system for preliminary trials. The system with the improved characteristics will be mounted on a wheeled chassis,” he said.

In 2017, Splav launched the Proryv (Breakthrough) project as part of its investment program to expand its production capacities. Under the new project, the Enterprise acquired a new workshop intended to go into operation in 2019. The new workshop will launch the serial production of shells for the latest Tornado-S multiple launch rocket system, the Techmash chief executive said.

Simultaneously, Splav will engage in a new area of production to roll out fighting and transporter-loader vehicles. The project will enable Splav to switch from experimental to serial production. The Enterprise’s new workshop will also launch the production of shells for Grad multiple launch rocket systems. Source: TASS

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