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Russian Su-57’s show they have the right stuff [VIDEO]

Russian Su-57’s show they have the right stuff [VIDEO]

Russia’s TV channel Zvezda (“Star”) published a stunning video of the Russian Federation’s new 5th-generation fighter aircraft, the Sukhoi Su-57.  Also known as the Sukhoi PAK-FA or T-50 while it was in development, this is Russia’s first fully stealth-capable aircraft. It is capable of supersonic cruising flight (RT writes “hypersonic” but this is believed to be in error), extreme maneuverability and it is equally effective against both ground and air targets.

This video below shows the advanced prototypes in flight at the MAKS airshow in 2017.

The Su-57 was recently deployed to Syria for combat testing, and the results thus far have been very positive. The first deliveries of the new plane are expected this year. There have been nine models of the plane undergoing tests since 2017.

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