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Russian security services thwart Ukrainian terrorist attack at border crossing

After a shootout, the terrorist was taken alive and will be questioned by Russian authorities.

A heavily armed Ukrainian terrorist has opened fired on Russian officers at a border crossing in the Kursk Oblast. After a shootout, the wounded terrorist was apprehended alive by FSB officers.

The terrorist was found to have in his possession two pistols, five hand grenades and a chemical substance believed to be mercury.

The FSB has released the following statement regarding the attack,

“Officers of the Russian FSB border department in the Kursk region have detained a 31-year-old national of Ukraine who illegally crossed the state border from Ukraine to the Russian Federation. When he was being detained, he tried to respond with fire and made an attempt to hide in Ukraine’s territory. During the ensuing shootout, he received gunshot wounds of medium severity”.

Russia has been the victim of multiple attacks from Ukrainian terrorists over the last three years. Most notably, Ukrainian terrorists blew up power-lines leading to the Russian Republic of Crimea in November of 2016. In August of this year, another Ukrainian terrorist was arrested in Russia and later entered a guilty plea for chargers relating to sabotage.

It is not yet clear if the terrorist in Russian custody after today’s shootout was acting on behalf of the Kiev regime. Previously, Ukrainian terrorists have admitted to receiving orders from regime authorities, making Ukraine a state sponsor of terrorism.

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