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Russian Police targeted women on special mission…

Russian Police targeted women on special mission…

Russian police were out in force targetting women – for the express purpose of getting them flowers. Imagine the nervousness at seeing those blue lights, knowing you’re going to be pulled over and possibly fined, but instead, you get a beautiful bouquet of flowers. This is just one of the surprises Russian women look forward to on International Women’s Day.

We have already covered what a big deal this holiday really is in Russia.

No matter what feminist fantasy the west dreams up, Russia has done FAR more for women than the West.

Russia put the first women in space, continues to have a massive number of female judges, and maternity benefits that leave western heads spinning. Bringing flowers to Russia’s beautiful women so they don’t forget they are appreciated is just one of the many ways Russians thank their women.

Let’s not forget that the Russian Orthodox Faith was preserved, and with it, all of Russia, by Russian grandmothers – the greatest superheroes of all.

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