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Russian PM: US attack ‘benefits ISIS’

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has made a statement about the implications of America’s recent missile attack on Syria. He called the attack ‘military aggression’ according to the standards of international law.

Medvedev has said,

“We do not know what may happen next. But I know for sure who benefited from this act of aggression — Daesh (aka ISIS), because (the missile attack) gave them a free rein.

….what we see is that the new US administration’s first step in the Syrian issue was a strike against government troops. This means that this is not a fight against terrorists but a fight against the Syrian leadership. Whether Americans like it or not, but that is a legal political power”.

Medvedev continued,

“It is obvious that further escalation will lead to the destruction of the Syrian state, its disintegration and a partial victory of terrorists. Such a scenario contradicts our plans and Russia will work in this direction”.

Although the Syrian Arab Army and its allies continue to inflict damage on jihadist terrorist groups throughout Syria, there is little doubt that America’s attack on Syria, emboldened terrorists groups who up until the attack had been on the defensive against the Syrian led anti-terrorist coalition which includes Russian and Iranian forces.

The most catastrophic terrorist attack in Syria since the US missile attack, took place four days ago when a bus convoy bringing internally displaced Syrians to Aleppo was attacked by a suicide bomber.

READ MORE: Suicide attack on humanitarian bus convoy kills 70 near Aleppo (graphic images).

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