Russian people wish peace and love for their Ukraine brothers. This video explains why US/EU hate machine will ultimately fail

Will love conquer hate? Russian people on the street believe it will…and that eventually Ukraine will wake up from the corrosive hate that American and Europe are so good at exporting.


People in Russia were asked what do they think first when hearing “Ukraine”, “the Ukrainians”.

The answers are different but most of the respondents smile and say they have only positive assossiations, many claim having relatives or close friends in Ukraine.

Some say they feel sorry for the “brainwashed” Ukrainians who are following the wrong path now. Many of the answers sound like: “We are the same people”, “They are our brothers”.

It is worth comparing with utterly aggressive rhetoric coming from Ukraine for almost two years. The Russians are blamed for everything happening in Ukraine, the appeals to “hang every Russian on a tree” are not rare even in post-maidan era.


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