Russian Navy vessels parade through Black Sea in harrowing display of power (VIDEO)

Sevastopol was home to a mighty display from Russian Naval forces

Russia’s historic Black Sea port at Sevastopol was home to one of many Navy Day parades throughout ports and harbours across Russia.

Sevastopol is Russia’s most renowned and picturesque warm water port and residents of the Federal City as well as nearby Crimean towns and cities lapped up the sun as they watched a dramatic display which including the firing of projectiles from the ships.

Earlier in the day, Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the largest Navy Day parade in Russia in the former capital of St. Petersburg which is also the current President’s home town.


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July 31, 2017

Good to see the Chinese taking part in the Parade … joint display against U$ american Aggression !

Alex flew his drone around Moscow – what he captured will AMAZE you

Russia’s Black Sea fleet in display of power on Navy Day (VIDEO)