Russian Embassy: why does US train terrorists in Syria while Syrians are starving?

The Russian Embassy to the UK questions why the US blocks aid access to refugees in Syria while they train extremists in the Al-Tanf camp

The Russian Embassy in London is asking why the “humanitarian” US is blocking aid to over 60,000 Syrians in the Rukban refugee camp, while fighters rearm and train in the illegal Al-Tanf Camp. The embassy expressed this valid question in a tweet:

Naturally, the US is far too busy training “moderate” decapitators and Kurdish separatists to be bothered for comment. This entire situation shows the hypocrisy of the US and their allies.

The people of Eastern Ukraine living under a president (Poroshenko) who openly declares their children will live in bomb shelters are “evil separatists”. On the other hand, Kurds who are openly hostile to their Syrian Christian neighbours, and drive them from their homes are freedom fighters.

This is a microcosm of the US Deep State narrative: “Whatever we do is good, whatever “they” do is bad. Pay no attention to the bombs behind the iron curtain, you know, the ones falling on foreigners. They’re just terrorists.”.

Meanwhile, aid constantly pours into the hands of normal ethnic Syrians from Russia on a weekly basis, but of course…that doesn’t matter to the humanitarian superpowers.

Древний город Сирии: Российские военные и люди, говорящие на языке Христа (+ФОТО) | Русская весна

Древний город Сирии: Российские военные и люди, говорящие на языке Христа (+ФОТО) | Русская весна

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