‘Russiagate’ is part of the American culture wars, not a new cold war

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Being shocked by the weakness of the Republican Party is a bit like being shocked by the intellectual vacuousness of the Democrats. The Democrats along with their neo-con fellow travellers are ramping up their ‘everyone who disagrees with us is a Russian agent’ campaign, this time from the heart of Congress.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone. The Democrats as Donald Trump repeatedly points out, are using neo-McCarthyism to hide the fact that they offer neither an alternative to the ideological uni-polarity of Rep-Dem rule that was witnessed under both George W. Bush and Barack Obama, nor do they offer an alternative to the policies and style of Donald Trump and the likes of Steve Bannon.

So they’ve taken page from the playbook of the old unhinged, permanently drunk Republican Senator, Joseph McCarthy, only this time it is far worse. But as someone who was a member of the Communist Party, V.I. Lenin said, “The worse, the better”.

While many see the antics of the Democrats, neo-con Republicans and the msm as a new Cold War, it is not that, it is instead a new chapter in the culture wars.

Having given up on preserving or even tolerating the kind of tradition, cultural normalcy, human decency and Christian heritage that many Republicans during the Reagan years almost obsessively defended, the Democrats are now assaulting every last iota of Christian heritage and cultural traditions that were formed in American from prior to 1776 up to recent years.

The Democrats under Hillary Clinton ran a campaign of divisiveness that presented a set of logically disassociated values united only in their assault on America’s conservative cultural traditions. Every group, every rogue individual (celebrity or otherwise) peddling un-Christian or even anti-Christian lifestyles was held up as a vision of where the Democrats wanted to take America.

Those who voted for Trump, did so in large part because they didn’t want that and that includes many agnostic or atheistic voters who are happy to preserve traditions based on Christian heritage in spite of their lack of religious faith.

Now, the Democrats in Congress and the mainstream media are attacking Trump supporters in Congress and in the media, under the guise they are ‘Russian agents’. Such people who have come under attack are not Russian experts, Russophiles, those with Russian ancestors or even those with a keen interest in Russian affairs. Most of them are traditional conservative or libertarian Americans.

One such person who has come under attack from the msm anti-Russian barrage is InfoWars founder, Alex Jones. Jones’s mantra is ‘Americana’. He likes to play country and western music not the Alexandrov Choir and he talks frequently about his ancestors from the Republic of Texas who fought Mexican forces, not the Red Army soldiers who fought in Stalingrad against the fascist forces.

But to Jones’s enemies, he is an ‘agent of Russia, just as neo-con John McCain said that libertarian Republican Senator Rand Paul works for ‘Vladimir Putin’, because he voted against approving Montenegro’s membership of NATO.

Rather than sit back and deny the obvious, Republics and conservatives more generally, should go on the attack. They do not need to prove they are not Russian agents, they should instead force the Democrats and neo-cons to prove why they are using anti-Russian racism to attack traditional AMERICAN culture.

Russia no longer represents Communist ideology in the eyes of American observers. Contemporary Russia represents conservative culture, Christian traditions and a scepticism of publicly anti-Christian lifestyles.

In Russia, a great deal is tolerated and in terms of political free speech one could make the argument that Russia is now freer than post-modern America. But in terms of the public sphere, awkward lifestyles and sectarian identities are not held up as virtuous. That which is upheld as virtuous is patriotism, family, comradeship, traditional cultural values, Christianity and in the Islamic, Buddhist and Jewish parts of Russia, these religions also flourish in peace and freedom.

Where in the 1980s and 1990s, many Republicans and Democrats found themselves waging a culture war against the music, film and television industries, now the culture war is between the Democrats and all those who stand for tradition.

Conservative Russia is being used as a cover for this battle.

It is not a Cold War against Russian power so much as it is a domestic culture war against conservatism and Russia is the most easy conservative boogieman. By using the supposed influence of a  foreign power to attack conservatives, Democrats have resorted to out and out racism in order to demonise the Russian nation and those whose conservative values are associated with Russia.

If Republicans do not wake up they will lose this battle. They must go on the offensive in the culture wars before the Democrats are able to turn their culture war into an actual Cold War with Russia, one which will see US domestic policy inhibiting the smooth operations of Trump administration diplomacy which at least in terms of the American President’s rhetoric, tends to favour rapprochement with Moscow.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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