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Russia to US: Military activity on Korean Peninsula must immediately cease

The Russian Foreign Ministry on Thursday said it wanted the United States to immediately halt all military activity on the Korean Peninsula

As Pyongyang and Seoul are presently on pace to work out their differences diplomatically, Washington is implementing a new batch of military exercises on the peninsula this week, which, Russia argues, isn’t all that helpful to the cause of peace in the area. Why envision, practice, and rehearse military conflict if your intention is peace?

Russian Foreign Ministry declared on Thursday that the US military exercises on the Korean Peninsula act more like an obstacle that a buttress to peace talks between the nations, calling on Washington to end its military activity there.

Reuters reports:

MOSCOW — The Russian Foreign Ministry on Thursday said it wanted the United States to immediately halt all military activity on the Korean Peninsula, the RIA news agency reported.

The United States and South Korea this month resume joint military drills.

RIA cited the foreign ministry as saying such war games did not help reduce tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

Here, the US is employing over 20.000 troops, and South Korea is putting several hundred thousand to use in the Foal Eagle drills, according to the Pentagon. The US practices fighting North Korean forces consistently throughout the year, on an annual basis, because they argue that North Korea, in building up its military, presents a threat to the US and its allies.

Meanwhile, North Korea invests heavily in its military buildup because it views the American bases, hardware, manpower, and regular exercises up against and around it as a potential military threat. So it seems that both sides are feeding the fire with gasoline. Now that North Korea is acting like it wants to put an end to this vicious cycle and work out some sort of peace pact, the US and South Korea continue with the very actions that continue to build up issues that have continued to stir up tension.

Kim Jong Un recently went to Beijing to initiate a diplomatic environment with China, which Russia fondly looked upon as progress toward a better atmosphere in the region. Meanwhile, the US looked on with disfavour at the prospect of relations taking place without their permission or condonation. However, a meeting has been planned between Kim and South Korean President Moon Jae-In. A meeting is also in the works between the US President Donald Trump some time in May, but, as of yet, has no confirmation from Pyongyang.

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