Russia tells US to leave Afghanistan

Russia has branded the US mission to Afghanistan a failure and urges withdrawal

The US campaign in Afghanistan has failed and Washington needs to withdraw its troops, says the Russian president’s special envoy to Afghanistan. He added that Kabul has grown into a “global incubator of international terrorism.”

Moscow does not see the need for further presence of the American contingent in Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov, who is also the Russian Foreign Ministry’s director of the Second Asian Department in Afghanistan, told Izvestia daily.

“Moscow never hastened the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. But since the US Army [campaign] there has come to nothing, let them leave Afghanistan,” Kabulov said.

“The American campaign in Afghanistan has failed. Afghanistan risks becoming a global incubator of international terrorism. It has, in fact, already partially grown to become it,” Kabulov added.

Russia strongly opposes the American idea to replace the regular US Army in Afghanistan with military contractors.

“The US is in despair, and plans to replace the professional armed forces with mercenaries are stupid. It will not lead to anything good: mercenaries will simply break into a run. They recruit them from around the world, offering cash. How are they going to fight against the Taliban?” the diplomat wondered.

The US Department of Defense has spent more than $76 billion on weapons and equipment for the Afghan security forces since 2002, the US Government Accountability Office said last week.

Washington has paid for 600,000 weapons, including rifles and pistols, for the Afghan Army and police, the GAO report, released on Thursday, said.

The key equipment provided included 163,000 tactical and non-tactical radios; 76,000 vehicles, such as Humvees; 30,000 equipment items for disposing of explosives, such as bomb disposal robots; and 16,000 equipment items for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, such as unmanned surveillance drones, just to name a handful.

The report came as President Donald Trump said he is “very close” to announcing a new strategy on Afghanistan.

“It’s a very big decision for me,” he told reporters in Bedminster on Thursday.

“I took over a mess,” Trump said, “and we’re going to make it a lot less messy,” he added.

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August 14, 2017

I couldn’t agree more. This is not what we elected Trump to do. I grow more and more despondent each day that the Deep State will EVER let him do anything he promised in regards to foreign policy other than to constantly threaten more war.

Walter Dublanica
August 14, 2017

Another military/geopolitical defeat for the American “deep state”. Just leave!!

August 14, 2017

Trump saying we are going to leave Afghanistan a lot less messy could mean anything from a withdrawal (doubtful) to an escalation of hostilities. He sees himself as a leader who will not make the same mistake as his predecessors. Nevertheless he is working with the same military and same equipment as his predecessors (apart from the mother of conventional bombs) which, despite civilian losses, he has shown he is not afraid to use.

cici cary
cici cary
August 15, 2017

finally, some adult supervision!……

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