Russia’s record breaking SVLK-14S sniper rifle shatters 1.5 Meter ice wall (VIDEO)

Russia’s SVLK-14S sniper rifle made by Lobaev Arms, AKA ‘The Twilight’ can strike a target at over four kilometers

Nikolai Litovkin, host of Russia Beyond’s “Big Guns” series is about to show you the world’s deadliest sniper rifle. This beast can punch through 1.5 meters of ice and find its mark at over four kilometers away. Russia has a long and proud history of excellence in marksmanship.

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Lyudmila Pavlichenko from a small Ukrainian village north of Kiev took out over 300 Nazis, earning her both the record of the deadliest female sniper in history, and a song by American star Woody Guthrie “Miss Pavlichenko”.

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As a result, it’s a surprise to no one that Russia came out with a rifle almost as stunning as Miss Pavlichenko herself. The rifle is produced by Lobaev Arms, check out their stunning photos on their website. They also produce a rifle named after Sevastopol, Crimea, where Pavlichenko fought in the Great Patriotic War.

Here is the video by Russia Beyond displaying what the rifle can do to a 1.5-meter thick block of ice.

I’d say I want to stay a kilometer away from that thing, but even that wouldn’t help me. The rifle was designed by shooting champion Vladislav Lobaev, a giant of the firearms world.

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Mr. Lobaev is renowned worldwide for his design, which may be the worlds most accurate sniper rifle of it’s make. The carbon fiber is certainly very aesthetically pleasing.

The rifles are all custom designed to order, they’re not for your local enthusiast, each rifle costs a small fortune. Only governments and professional shooters can afford to own these machines.

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The rifles are rumored to be used by the Presidential Protective Services counter-snipers at the Kremlin, but details are, of course, classified.

Mr. Lobaev has become a legend in Russia for the design, however, and while it has not reached popular levels of recognition, the rifle is well known to any professional sniper. This rifle is just one addition to Russia’s long history of producing some of the worlds best arms.

You definitely should also check out Woody Guthrie’s old song Miss Pavlichenko. Its a relic from the good old days, when Russia and America were friends, or at the very least didn’t hate each other. If anything, it’s surreal to hear an American star sing the praises of a young, beautiful Soviet sniper, and at the very least, the surprisingly upbeat tribute to the deadliest female sniper in history will give you a good laugh.

Though being anywhere in the sites of Miss Lyudmila Pavlichenko, or Mr. Lobaev at this point, is truly no laughing matter.

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