Meet the Russian cosplay girl who may break the internet (PHOTOS)

She may not be a real soldier, but she’s already conquering legions of admirers

Elena Deligoiz is the Russian cosplay soldier who is gaining fame all over social media.

She has a Youtube account, though there are more videos of her on other channels. Her VK page and Instagram page are filled with photos, where you are welcome to follow her…you know…for science, and research purposes.

In all seriousness, it is easier to find her photos and videos if you search for her name in Cyrillic: елена делигиоз, and maybe try on for the best results.

Below are some of her best photos and videos along with a link to our secret method of finding them. It’s an ancient Russian technique, please only share this secret method of finding photos with your closest friends:

Below, find some gems from her Instagram:

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