Russia POUNDS ISIS with state of the art cruise missiles

The much awaited X-101 cruise missiles have today seen action over Syria

Today, the Russian Aerospace forces have used some of the world’s most modern cruise missiles for the first time in battle.

The new X-101 missiles were fired at ISIS targets in the Syrian Governorates of Hama and Homs. The missiles were fired from the legendary Russian Tu-95 bombers. The bombers took off from the southern Russian city of Engels flying directly to Syria. They were refuelled in the air during the flight.

The Russian Defence Ministry stated,

“Three large weapon and ammunition stockpiles alongside with a command centre near the town of Akerbat were destroyed in the strike, which was confirmed by objective control measures”

The Russian Defence Ministry has released the following statement on the successful operation,

“Russian Su-30 fighters based at the Hmeymim airfield (in Latakia) provided air cover. After the successfully accomplishing the task of the combat mission, all Russian aircraft returned to their airfields”.


Syrian President Basar al-Assad recently visited Hmeymim airfield where he met with Russian forces and expressed his gratitude for their assistance in helping Syria to fight radical Salafist terrorist groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda.

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July 5, 2017

I could just see the death wishing ISIS leaders wielding their swords in anger. Best of luck with the coming operations Russia.

Reply to  permopin
July 6, 2017

Nuthin’ to “wield” with melted “swords , mate !

July 6, 2017

Urrah ! Fight the Nazio Anglo – Khazarian ground troops

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