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Russia must give Donbass modern weapons

I write this with a heavy heart, but I know I speak for millions in Russia and around the world. Russia has let Donbass down.

The civilians of Donbass are being slaughtered like sitting ducks by an amoral fascist regime. Yes, Russia has continually sent medicine, food and clean water to Donbass, but this is no longer enough, not that it ever really was.

There is no point in waiting for the fascist regime to bankrupt itself and fall, if the waiting process is costing lives in Donbass. The latest acts of aggression on Kiev have proved this to be the case.

What the people of Donbass need is modern weaponry. Right now both the fascists and the Donbass republics are fighting with similar weapons, mostly old, unsophisticated and at times in a poor state of repair.

If Russia were to give the freedom fighters in the Donbass republics, new modern weapons along with training in how to best target them, the fascist forces would soon retreat. The Minsk II agreements have died a death many months ago, there is no point in propping up agreements which events have rendered totally meaningless.

The people of Donbass are not fighting for abstract ideals, let alone ambition. They are fighting for their homes, their lives, their way of life. They will fight to the last man, I have no doubt about that.

But why force them to struggle? Russia has every ability to give the people of Donbass the best in modern weaponry so they can fight off the aggression once and for all, striking the same decisive blow against fascism that their predecessors did in the Great Patriotic War.

Russia cannot blame anyone for this. Donald Trump seems hardly to care about the region at all. His people are obsessed with Iran not with Europe’s frontier lands.  Russia must do the right thing and must do it soon.

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