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Russia is being consistent and transparent–the US is being mysterious and contradictory

The mainstream media has yet again disgraced journalism by running false stories about Russia’s response to Donald Trump’s attack on Syria while omitted to tell the truth.

The Duran exclusively debunked a now confirmed fake story on Russian, Iranian and Syrian military commanders promising retaliation against further US strikes in Syria, a story that many in the mainstream media are still running as factually true.

Meanwhile, mainstream media fail to report on the actual statements of both Russia and Iran who are speaking in a united voice which can be summed up in the following points.

–Condemnation of an unprovoked, unwarranted and aggressive act by the United States.

–A pledge to maintain and increase commitments to Syria which involves fighting terrorism but NOT making threats against the US .

–A desire for an impartial international investigation into the chemical attack in Idlib Governorate.

These remarks are as moderate as they are predictable.

While the mainstream media paints Russia and Iran as savage and mysterious, those epithets are far more accurate when it come to describing the current position of the United States.

Right now, US politicians are sending out mixed signals, often several times a day. Some are implying regime change is in the works, others are implying that the attack was a one-off designed to ‘send a message’ and others yet are implying that regime change is a medium term priority.

Making things even more awkward is that the people in question are the same set of individuals: Donald Trump, Secretary of State Tillerson, National Security Adviser McMaster and UN Envoy Haley who as Alexander Mercouris correctly said, should not even be engaged in policy making nor policy promotion.

I have written previously that I do not see a method in the madness. Russia and indeed Iran and Syria form their opinions on the basis of US actions. The public dog and pony show is of little meaningful interest to the Russian government, it is merely amusing to the Russia media for obvious reasons.

Yet the mainstream media continues to portray confused and confusing US foreign policy policies as somehow heroic and moral, while dismissing Russia’s total transparency and consistency on the issue as somehow dangerous or devious.

The quotes from multiple Russia officials make it abundantly clear that there is no desire on Russia’s part to sleepwalk into a third world war. I cannot say the same about the US and this is not a value judgement, it is an analysis based on the rhetoric coming out of Washington.

The mainstream media’s job should be to report what is being said, but when it comes to Russia they are not. They’d rather wave around fake documents and jump to fictional conclusions rather than tell people the truth.

Those who are listening, know that Russia does not want war and those who have even the most cursory knowledge of Russian history can deduce why.

The biggest question is whether America wants war. The mixed signals from Trump officials are not comforting in this respect.

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