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Russia DUMPS the Dollar as Tensions Heat up! U.S. Dollar Losing Reserve Currency Status?


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June 5, 2021

The whole USD system is ONE fraudulent ponzi scheme and the FED are the worlds No1 currency manipulators – It’s long Overdue the USD collapses and takes the US with it down the drain.

June 7, 2021

One Sanction too many,the use of the dollar as a weapon should of been used sparingly,the net result of using the reserve currency as a weapon is countries such as Russia will move heaven and earth earth to conduct it’s commerce in anything but the dollar,the predicted End of the dollar as the reserve currency was laughable 2 decades ago,now it is almost certain,also the rise of the new digital currençy exchange is another unstoppable force that will excellerate it’s demise,even economically weaker countries in Latin America have had enough and looking for a way out of the dollar..

Reply to  Ozymandias
June 7, 2021

One aspect, why the AmeriCunts hate the NS2 project is when NS2 is completed + operational the Gas will be traded completely in EUR like thru NS1. The treacherous Polacks + Ukros are no longer needed, no billions of USD extorted in transit fees every year.

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