Russia discusses possible Turkish Stream supplies with Bulgaria, Greece, Italy

Bulgaria believes that gas should be supplied through Bulgaria.

IZMIR (Turkey) (Sputnik) – Russia is discussing the possibility of gas supplies through the Turkish Stream pipeline with Bulgaria, Greece and Italy, Energy Minister Alexander Novak told journalists Friday.

“Bulgaria comes out again with the initiative that gas should be supplied through Bulgaria. These issues are being worked on,”

Novak said when asked about the delivery route for the Russian gas from the Turkish Stream to Europe.

He said such discussions were also being held with Greece and Italy.

“All these directions are of interest to both Russian suppliers and consumers. We have a lot of gas, we can supply it both there and there, if necessary. The required confirmations should be obtained from the European Union and the European Commission regarding these projects in order to have guarantees,”

Novak said.

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August 19, 2017

:-). Bulgaria could have had gas supplied directly from Russia. A country that it has had a fairly good relationship with. But it chose to listen to John McCain and cancelled South Stream.

So now they are going to have to buy their gas with Turkey having its hands on the valves/pumping controls instead. How humbling.

August 19, 2017

God bless Russia in planning for prosperity for herself and the many while America goes to the dogs.

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